Killed by Hos for no reason

I had been taken to security under suspicion of cult membership, the sec officer interrogating me searched my bags and didnt find anything, decided that I was clear. I had to wait in that room for a while with the CMO and the sec officer whilst a borg went to get a cure for our disease. while we are sitting there the cult shows up and the sec officer tells us to hide in the evidence lockers. the Hos then walks in and throws three nades at us without saying a word. the nades dont kill either of us because the sec officer saved us but the Hos then gunned us down with the multiphase energy gun. the Hos was john smith with the byond tag asskek.

hey man, yeah i felt really bad after that. fact of the matter is that you and that CMO were hiding in the room that 20 seconds prior two juggernauts and an artificer rushed into brig from – i don’t know how you didn’t see them, maybe it was literally just in time for you not to, but while the rest of the officers went after the constructs i rushed into the evidence room to find… two dudes, you and the CMO, who immediately hid in lockers when you saw me enter. the subject of this report then ensued.

i told CMO to revive you (as I had realized after killing you and searching you, you and him probably weren’t cult and i didn’t kill CMO) but the dude just walked away i guess, fucking hell. grenades were actually holy water explosion grenades (special recipe) so when they stunned you i was like “oh, based, this motherfucker’s cult” – but lmao that’s not what stunned you, it was me fucking flipping around, flying into you, thanks to the virus some griefer released (no admins online at the time).

generally it’s my priority to always deconvert, whether it’s rev or cult – unfortunately in this case we used the last of the holy water on those grenades i wasted on you lmfao, not realizing chaplain had fucked off to the afterlife, so i figured, this motherfucker’s cult, if i perma him he’ll just teleport rune out or get summoned – lethals.

whatever the case, yeah that’s on me man. sorry bud

ok cool I see where the confusion happened. thanks for replying :). (also admins if you are reading this then don’t ban him hes cool, this was just a misunderstanding in the midst of a very chaotic round)

This seems to have been resolved so I’m going to close. OP, would appreciate if you used our grief patrol format next time so we can easily obtain the information we need eg. the round number which is necessary for us to log dive.