Killed by Sec when we were killing Cult and more

Byond Account: Scout Kreed

Character Name(s): Silver Golem(23)

Discord Name: Sol Opris (As Eva Walker)

Round ID:9290

Griefer Byond account: ATHATH

Griefer Byond name: Beef Brain

What happened:

So I was a Golem Created by a Xeno Biologist they Told me and my Golem Brother to avenge our Older brothers who were Killed by Cult and then the cult started drawing summon rune in warehouse so i grabbed a welder and ran in clearly attacking and killing Cult but then here comes the officer Beef Brain who not only attacks me but also kills me my master and my golem brother and instead of taking us to med-bay he grabs a Soul-shard and makes us all in to artificers, and then takes the dead cult people to med-bay, Like WTF man you not only kill non cult and make them into artificers destroying our bodies but then take the real cult to medbay to be revived ? really ?

I was there too, killed by the CMO when I had the null rod. It was a massive cesspit of an all out melee war there, it was extremely easy to confuse the cultists trying to summon Nar’Sie without halos (not sure if they even had glowing red eyes) and people there to stop the cult.

Taken care of.