Killermankey's Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Killermankey

Character Name(s): Robert Mcsteal

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Killermankey#8304

Round ID of Ban: 18528

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Sheets rules broken: core 2 Reason: 2 hours of play time after you came off a 3 day you intentionally delammed the SM to try and make a tesla as a non antag then DCed after dying, explain on the forums if there has been a mistake

State your appeal: I want to preface this saying that it was 4 in the morning for me and I was pretty sleep deprived. Obviously I shouldn’t have been playing and rather sleeping. but 20/20 hindsight. I can see how you had got to that conclusion. I do remember saying Well then fine! after a atmos tech kept tabling me while I was trying to get to the SM as it was filling with CO2. The conversation goes somewhat like this (paraphrasing) . “do you want a tesloose or something?” Atmos tech:“Yeah I sorta would.” (The shuttle was already called and was the majority of the way to the station already I am assuming they said that because nothing really mattered anymore at that point.) I replied as a joke “Alright then!!”.
When I saw the messages that the SM actualy started to delam I remember saying Oh no over engineering comms then trying to fix it. I started putting n2 back into the sm through filters, and I think I might have turned off the emitters. I am pretty sure the shuttle had arrived at that point. I wasnt going to live being close to crit. so I was like fuck it. Switching the coolers to max heat. Im pretty sure one of them failed before this as the heat made the pressure blow up a plasma canister starting a fire. (my last statement is sorta insane to think. Plasma in the sm? But that is wrong. it was in heat exchanger pipes. the canister was outside in the hallway next to the sm hooked to the cooler. the plasma would not be able to get into the sm short of the pipes being wrenched that were in the chamber.)
I think I critted to fire at this point I am not sure. I succumbed and waited around for probably 30 seconds to a minute before getting off. Again I cant remember if shuttle left by then but I know engineering was practically abandoned. the only other person that was not SSDed in the area was the before mention atmos tech.
After all of what I have said I would like to repeat what I said at the start and say I think this was a missunderstanding. Combined with my line while getting heavily robusted and my apparently to quick leave after death combined with sleep deprevation and the situation at hand. I am hopping I can get this decision lowered from Non antag grand sabotage. To a much more minor, Extreme negligence.
I hope you agree with me.

This sounds like an incredibly bad judgement call, but I will give you another chance. However, this still deserves a ban, so I will lower it to 7 days from the time of banning. I will also place a watchlist on your account to reinstate the permaban if you break any major rules like this again, so please do be more careful in the future.