Killing me while I was about to explain what happened to a new player

Byond Account: McOnchePonche

Character Name(s): Katsu Miniku

Discord Name: Tristrian#5000

Round ID: 9504

Griefer Byond account: —

Griefer Byond name: John Willard

What happened:

In this shift, I wanted to try to teach a new player, Lea Bennett . We met together, and we had a short introduction about ourselves. I wanted to introduce her to medical since I was a paramedic, but it was a nuke round, and delta alert was activated. We went to lavaland to survive, safely. I was about to explain what happened, and the meaning of delta alert after the nuke cinematic, and at the end of the round.
But John Willard shot me with a disabler. I tried to ask him nicely to stop, that I was trying to explain to the new player. But he threw me in lava in front of the new player, and others. Just because I was the only felinid.

They even killed Lea when she tried to save my body.

From a mentor, that was very disgusting and apathetic despite my request to stop, even in the end of a round.






I had a chance to briefly meet Lea and indeed see her as a chill, cool player with totally 0 idea on what to do in game. While I know that EORG grief report is ‘haha, funny meme’ and John totally cannot be blamed, just please try to understand Katsu. You get a totally newbie, want to set him out to start his own story in the game but at the same time you are scared of losing contact with him, leaving him to get overwhelmed and scared away by game’s controls and mechanics.

Sorry for throwing my input into Grief Patrol report, but I just wanted to point out clearly visible, overpowering urge to help new players in case of Katsu and express my surprise that Katsu has not made mentor application yet, while at the same time trying to prevent memeing from that to not quell that valuable trait.

It may seem like being a special snowflake, but some people just take it really seriously to guide new players.

You know Grief patrol is for people breaking the rules, right? End of round Grief isn’t against the rules.

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Though it might have been a bit thoughtless for someone to kill you while you were trying to explain things to the new player, it isn’t technically against the rules. If the round is over, you can use OOC or discord to talk about things.