KingFriko Ban Appeal - Tale Of A Gamer Cast Out Of The Society Of Geniuses, Seeking Repentance And Understanding Going Forward

Byond Account: KingFriko
Character Name(s): Regthony Biscuit
Discord Name: friko j. braun#0601 (please contact me here!)
Round ID of Ban: 11527
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: Thought it would be cool to jokingly message people the phrase “I am the lawyer. I have sex with kids? You decide.” through PDA messages to annoy people as a jape, got perma’d according to core rule #3 – didn’t think anything of it, and I don’t think it should have been a ban, let alone a permanent one because it was obviously not sexual in any remotely serious manner nor was sexual content as much as it was a funny non-erotic phrase, something akin to “dick and balls” but if this doesn’t logically apply like I think it does, I will apologize and follow the server rules more closely. Would have also expected or appreciated an admin warning - I’m not sure if they work like on /tg/station and show up in the regular chat window, but I never saw one either way.



I am unbanning you only on the condition that anything even slightly sexual will bring you straight back to a perma, and that one likely won’t get an appeal accepted. We are an all-ages server, so we take sexual content, especially related to minors, VERY seriously. I hope you learned your lesson and don’t do anything this dumb again.