Kirie's Medical Crash Course

So you found yourself in my sorry department as an MD. Here is a text guide of basically everything you need to know for your first 5-10 hours of medical.
Always remember to ask around. There are many skilled doctors who will take over, or teach you.

Remember the hippocratic oath that you may or may not have taken, remember:

  • I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work.
    (Basically, if you are not skilled in taking our kidney stones, leave it to the guy who knows how to)

Also remember that “Do no harm” is not at all listed in the oldest surviving copy of the Hippocratic oath.

This game has 4 Types of damage, and this is what you will be healing 70% of the time

  • Brute Damage
    Comes from getting crushed, bashed, slashed and shot. Anything physical gets put in here.

Ways to cure:
“-ital” family medicines
(Libitial and Probital, rarely Helbital)
Libital deals Liver damage
Probital deals stamina damage
Helbital heals better when in crit (Deals Oxy Damage)
Synthflesh Heals brute and burn, even while dead. (deals toxins.)

Tend wounds (Bruises)
Hemo (repeat until it doesnt work)

  • Burn Damage
    Get from being too hot or too cold.

Ways to cure:
“-uri” family medicine
Aiuri heals burn (Deals eye damage)
Hercuri is best when in fire and cools you down (only use this if you get it it’s really bad when not firefighting)
Lenturi/Silver Sulf heals burns really well, causes pain (forget it’s other downsides)
Oxandrolone is a pain to make, heals faster if above 25 burn. No downsides.

Tend wounds (Burn)
Same as Tend Wounds, Bruises

  • Toxin Damage
    Comes from eating/taking something you shouldnt have.
    The toxins may still be in their system. See the “Purge toxins” section

Ways to cure:
Syriniver. TLDR, use VERY Carefully. Any more than 1 use of a syringe will cause them to overdose.
Multiver heals slower than Syriniver but has better upsides that will be gone over later
Pentetic Acid is a lot harder to make but heals toxins as fast as Syriniver. Will go over it again later

  • Oxygen damage
    For when you cant breathe

Ways to cure:
Will go away on its own.

Take off your mask and their’s, click on them in help intent. Will only work if they are in crit, prevents them from dying.

-mol family medicines
Convermol (Deals minor Toxin damage)
Salbutamol is harder to make, but has no downsides

Now there are also many other things that you will need to cure. These are more rare but they are also something you will no doubt come across in your first 5-10 hours.

  • Organ damage

Goes away on it’s own. If it’s not at “Nonfunctional” it will work. If it doesnt work, use organ manipulation and replace the organ. You can print more organs from the prolathe.
To prevent organ damage, put the body on a stasis bed or use formaldehyde.

Organ manipulation
You’ll get the hang of this. On eyes and groin, skip the saw step.

  • Brain damage

Sometimes traumas are caused too.
Mannitol is super easy to get but Brain surgery is sometimes the better option, as it also heals traumas

Brain surgery

  • Brain Traumas

There are 3 levels of brain traumas. Normal, deeprooted and Permanent.

Normal can be taken away with Brain surgery.
Deeprooted requires a Lobotomy. Lobotomies give you a permanent brain injury.
Permanent brain injuries are NOT healable.

  • Dislocated Limbs

Healing a dislocated limb is easy.
Grab>Grab>Target the affected Limb> help intent click

  • Purging Toxins:

First, check the reagents in their system. You can do this by swapping your health scanner’s mode. Click on it.
If you see any poisons (Cyanide, Fentanyl, Space drugs, methamphetamine, etc) use the following:

Multiver - Purges 1 other thing in your system. If there are 2 other things, it only purges poisons and not medicines
Syriniver - Purges slower than multiver. Not really that great at purging
Calomel - Purges pretty fast
Pentetic Acid - Purges fast

  • Radiation

Radiation isn’t that common as our engineers usually don’t suck but generally Do the following:
Put them under a shower
Give them potassium Iodide or pentetic acid as needed

If they are glowing green, do NOT bring them into medbay, they will irradiate everyone. Heal them in the dormitory showers.
They will heal very slowly. It’s their fault for being irradiated after all, not your fault for being slow to heal them.
You can only heal them so fast, and with radiation, you heal them VERY slowly.

In this next section I will go over your tools, and the things you will find around medbay

Medical tools
Sutures - heals brute faster than medicine or surgery, but only on the targeted limb. Stops bleeding.
Regenerative Mesh - Heals burn faster than medicine or surgery, but only on. the targeted limb. Allows you to heal 2nd degree burns.
Bandage- Stops bleeding. Using this spares your sutures

  • Surgical tools


Circular saw

Upgraded tools:
Laser Scalpel
(Replaces scalpel and saw. Click to swap)
Mechanical Pinches
(Replaces hemo and ret. Click to swap)
Searing tool
(Replaces Drill which is useless and Cautery)

Surgical table type in order of speed/success rate

Operating table
Stasis beds
Normal fucking table
Just the Floor

  • Other things I just forgot

Medical belt:
ALWAYS buy this if there is none lying around. Fits a full surgical set, put it on your belt and if not in your belt then in your bag.

Health scanner HUD:
Rush to get these or you wont get them.
They give a health bar above people

Revives people that have under 180 brute AND burn. 179 of each works.
Then gives a bunch of oxy damage you need to CPR off.

Stasis beds:
Stop the bodies from rotting but they also cant process medicine. Surgery is necessary

Health analyzer:
Use this to see the damage on your target. Use in hand to swap modes

This is meant to be a quick-reference guide for those completely unfamiliar with the medical system in their first 5-10 hours and not meant to be a full guide.

I hope you see you around, Space doctor

Signed, Dr. Kirie Vonel-Saito. Chief Medical Officer


or you could… just not do harm anyways. awesome guide tho :slight_smile: might get back into chem.

Sometimes you just gotta baton that tider clown, Jed. Sometimes you just gotta.

cries in pacifist

If only you posted this two weeks ago, I would have made a LOT less mistakes including simple ones like stasis beds not allowing chems to be processed - I’ve wasted too much time and nearly OD’d too many people before realising that fact. Clearly, I still have a lot to learn since I didn’t realise operating tables were faster for surgery.

Appreciate the guide CMO!

So Fun fact:
I learned that you can become a fucking space wizard with the drill.

It is not worthless but it is only used for literally one surgery