Knowledge/Experience Requirements for Heads of Staff

Hey what knowledge is the minimum I need to start playing certain heads of staff or minor heads (ex: Warden) since idk if I should learn all elements of engineering to be CE or just the basic elements. Thanks for reading.

heads of staff should know all there is to know (or pretty much how everything works) about their department, especially CE since once screw up can be bad for the station

I see thanks

Buddy LISTEN there ain’t no shit needed to be a BOSS alright just pretend you know shit and use jargons that’s HOW i do it LIKE let’s say this dude TALKIN bout making a singulo right and this mafucka sayin some mathematical equation im like hmm yes the pie of a circle is congruent to a right triangle yes yes let’s find out the concise of this bitch up and HE’S LIKE OH MY GOD THIS DUDE IS SO SMART BLAblahlbalhblblah and then shortly after we fuckin release a singulo cause some rat ate a mafuckin wire OR you know IM like the head of doctors and this dude be like comin with no legs and arms and MAFUCKA be like orderin me around and IM like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet I DON’T know how surgery works so you know i do a classic pull out my fuckin board and say he has stage 4 cancer and luekemia shit does the job and i let some peasant fix him POINT is you can APPLY for shit without actually DOIN shit that’s HOW it’s done JUST pretend you’re DOING something and THEN LET others do it for you.Yeah That’s wassup distribute workload and SHIT bruh that’s the POINT of a leader.


So which head/minor head of staff should I start with to train myself, and gradually getting harder to captain in your opinion? The levels from beginning to captain.

Qm and warden are both good options

We need more forum posts from you, they make for great meaningful discussion material.
And yes, it is unexpected, but Heads of Staff require basic knowledge about every job in their department.

In fact, as a Head of Staff it is YOUR job to manage said department. Couldn’t manage much if you didn’t know how to even do the job, yes? Unless your idea of “managing” is just saying “Do your job employees!” over the department intercom and then fucking off to somewhere else.

In FACT, you should actually do that. Nobody want’s a shitter Head of Staff breathing on their neck while they work. Don’t turn the game in job simulator!!!

Why quartermaster? What is he?

Qm runs cargo. Its easy to dip your toes into managing as your responsibiltys are making sure departments get their orders, making sure miners are getting minerals and cargo techs are making money