KoiKoiKoi's PermaBan Appeal

Byond Account: [KoiKoiKoi]
Character Name(s): [None] (I play Random Male Name 99% of the time)
Discord Name: [Koi#8742]
Round ID of Ban: [12785]
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Round ID 12785 Ckey of offender: KoiKoiKoi Reuquesting Staff Member: ShadowAKT Rules Broken: Core Rule 2, Over-Escalation rule 3 Reason: Used a flamethrower on somebody who grabbed them for tiding into science. Proceeeded to tide into RD Office. You consistently get banned right after your last one is finished, take a break and make an appeal in the forums later if you want another chance. This ban (BANID #16986) was applied by Guillaume Prata on 2021-02-17 06:07:15 during round ID 12786. This is a permanent ban.

State your appeal:

I have to write a lot because I have been banned for a lot.
This is my favorite SS13 server and I would like to be given another chance.
I’m willing to break no more rules just so I can play again.

I would like to say that out of all the rules I break, I maintain that I’ve never intentionally broken any rules that would harm other players for no reason (like killing them randomly, stealing from them randomly, badmouthing/triggering/trolling people are all things I deny doing.)


In terms of my most recent ban here are my honest thoughts:

I was banned for:

  1. Breaking into science

I admit I broke into science. I did so because I was bored as an assistant and wanted to use the lathe. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone or steal anything or harass anyone.

  1. Flamethrowering someone who grabbed me

I didn’t flamethrower someone just for grabbing me, I was trying to get them away from me because I thought I was at risk of dying to them. Since stun-lock-deaths are common and he was pushing me against walls/whatever I was actively trying to run away from them, not at them. This is why I was using a long-range, small-damage weapon. (Flamethrowers are pretty piss-poor at effectively killing/harming someone compared to blunt weapons.)

  1. Breaking into RD Office

Breaking into RD’s Office was not me trying to break the rules. There was no RD in that round, meaning someone would have to either break into RD’s Office to get research going or get HoP’s approval. When I am a scientist and this happens I usually break into the office because it is the fastest way to do things. I can understand why a moderator would ban an assistant for breaking into an RD’s office though, I just wasn’t trying to do anything bad.


In terms of my string of bans, I admit I’ve gotten bad since coronavirus because of personal reasons. I’m willing to change and be put at risk of being permabanned again.

In my defense I always listen to staff members and never try to hurt other player’s experiences. I only hurt or inconvenience other characters in self-defense and almost always only temporarily and trying to do so in a non-escalated way.

I don’t remember most of my ban history, but a few things that I do remember that I want to have clarified is that some of my ban reasons I deny. I just never bothered to make an appeal for them, but since they are part of my permanent history I might as well say that these 3 bans reasons that I remember I deny:

  1. One ban reason was:
    "As HOP hiving a clown AA and giving him an ID card that said “Head of Personal Fuckboi-ery”

Giving a clown AA is amusing so that’s why I did that part. He was a clown after all, but I understand that I shouldn’t do that.

Apparently using the term fuckboi/fuckboy is considered sexual/generally bad to do. I literally did not know this. I just throw around the term fuckboi as a joke because it just sounds memey to me personally. If you don’t want me to use it in the future that’s fine I’m just stressing my POV. It literally did not cross my mind that it would be perceived sexually. It’s not a slur or anything so I just assumed nobody would care.

The clown demanded a card that read “Head of Personnel” so I was trying to be clever by saying “Head of Personal Fuckboi-ery” as in “Head of Fucking Around”.

  1. Another ban reason was:
    “Blowing up the HoP (after asking where he was)”.

I deny intentionally doing this, I would never blow someone up except in self-defense or as antag.

I was waiting in line for the HoP and ask them for permission to be a space man. No HoP came so I thought there was none. Someone opened up EVA so I thought I could bum a space suit and become a spaceman without HoP’s permission. Someone was chasing me - I don’t remember who maybe it was a Security Officer, so I was running with a fuel tank from Eva to try and get away. I detonated it in commons because usually nobody is there and it’s a noncritical part of the station. (Nobody is going to get mad if commons is griefed because it’s not like anyone has any real reason to go in there.) According to the mod the HoP was in there at the exact same time I detonated it even though I never saw him (and I assume they were the one who called a mod.) - Therefore I was accused for planning to murder the HoP.

I have no reason to kill the HoP, I have no history of meta-grudges or murdering people for no reason/for ID cards/whatever.

  1. One my bans state that I:
    “Disconnected before I could talk to a mod”

I disconnected because I was done playing, didn’t know a mod would want to talk to me. Mod wanted to talk after I had left so yeah.


I don’t actively remember anything else and I’m sure this is more than enough reading any mod wants to do. That’s all I have to say I guess.

The issue with the argument is that you thought he was going to kill you is that A- the logs don’t really show you were in mortal danger, and B- you had absolutely no reason to have a flamethrower in the first place. If you want to tide into places because you’re bored, a LRP server is probably more your speed.
Anyway, I’m reducing this to a month ban on the condition that, when the month is up, if you come back and do this again, it will be another perma.