Kosaki Nyo OwO messeages me outside game, also tider ripleys break into command part of shuttle letting us all get bombed to death, apparently it was IAA

Byond Account: Madsenanders (oopsie)

Character Name(s): Big Boy Boris

Discord Name: kk

Round ID: 11863

Griefer Byond account: Don’t know

Griefer Byond name: Kosaki Nyo OwO, Lexus Norton, others

What happened:
I was the captain. HoS gets gibbed by pizza bomb delivered by Jack Beggar. I hear Khalil is reviving him. Someone shows up to HoP line claiming to be HoS, I ask who revived him, he says Khalil, I eventually find out Khalil is in brig arrested by Kosaki. I wouldn’t really care since I just needed Khalil to confirm if the person I had was HoS in a new body or not, but Khalil starts complaining they were wrongly arrested. I ask Kosaki why and they don’t respond for 2 whole minutes, I know this because I could see the timer on the cell go down by two minutes. At this point I baton Kosaki and let Khalil go because there was no explanation given to me despite asking. Kosaki was not doing anything in these 2 minutes where I constantly asked why Khalil was arrested, then Kosaki messeages me on discord with these messeages, screenshot taken midround shortly after I got the messeages:

So yeah. Pretty stupid.
Much later while on shuttle 2 ripleys break the door and walls to command shuttle letting everyone in. I know one of them was Lexus Norton, not sure who the other was. Then the command part of the shuttle seemingly gets suicide bombed since someone got gibbed by the bomb. I end up dead. Wouldn’t have happened if these two ripleys didn’t decide to break the doors for no reason. Also it was IAA so no reason command part of shuttle should’ve been bombed like this, so probably punish whoever did it too.

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Atleast post the full discord chat log. I went into medbay to get help & the moment I enter i get shoved into a wall & then thrown into disposals by khalil. i come back & ask his friend who has a warrant to come with me to brig. he then tries to run away so i try batoning / flashing him. when i subddued him khalil started shoving me and was trying to pull his friend away from me to free him. this continued from medbay until we got to the brig. i’m sorry if it seems like i was ignoring you but i was too busy trying to subdue both of them while avoiding being completely unrobusted.

This doesnt help your case, it’s still metacomming

Feels like trying to sweet talk me to not snitch. I didn’t include it because it’s not very relevant imo.

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This is being taken care of- thanks!