KosakiNya grief report ban appeal

Byound account: Hajduk

Character name: William Wentzel

Discord name: Hedemod#1048

Round ID 11981

This person that goes by the name of Kosaki Nya Owo accused me of killing their character during a Nuke Ops round in the vertical hallway around the vault area.
Today as i was about to get into the game i was surprised by a ban. After reading that the griefing report was made on the forums i decided to check it out because my memories were foggy as for what happened then.
Based on their story i randomly attacked them as they were passing by in the hallways for no apparent reason.
This is completely false as i never did such thing to anybody and thus had no reason to do it to them.
My memories are very foggy by this point because this has all come as an surprise to me out of nowhere and it has been quite a few rounds now from that point. But i was shooting at somebody else and not them, they got hit once in the crossfire and as they admit themselves they started actively shooting back without stopping at me in form of self defense.
Of course as anybody else i could not let myself get killed there, so i responded with the same amount of fire back at them. From what i remember i did not kill them, maybe i have put them at crit at most and then epi penned them.
So i ask if somebody could clarify what exactly happened there because my memory does not serve me well past that point.
And i am sincerely sorry if i really was fully responsible for this event.

This isnt the round you were banned the round was 11978
But that’s besides the point

I could post more but i feel this shows pretty well that you spent all round attacking people for no reason appeal denied stop attacking people.