Lavaland Elite flavour text update

Hello all,

Would it be possible wether on the wiki or with the flavour text of Lavaland Elite to make it more clear what is and what isn’t acceptable to do once freed ?
They are not directly mentionned in the rules and have a very specific flavour text that does not match the Ashwalkers (hostile tribe only on lavaland, protect the tendril) or the Golems (pacific guys)

The only rule * 6.1. Lavaland spawners who enter the station must be peaceful and are held to stricter standards for escalation and roleplay than when on Lavaland. Spawners may not use meta knowledge to seek out the Lavaland mining base and may only enter if invited by crew members. Spawners who are hostile/ willingly impede the station are subject to a ghost role ban.

Completely goes against the flavour text : Note that you are a lavaland monster, and thus not allied to the station. You should not cooperate or act friendly with any station crew unless under extreme circumstances!
Hell you cant even speak as an Elite so escalation and RP is quite hard to get into

Another mention is that the mining outpost is considered station grounds, which is not clear to many players, the ruling on this changed before apparently but could use an official statement in the rules

So all I’m asking is for the wiki to be updated if flavour text is too much of a bore

Have a good one !

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One of those extreme circumstances is that you are on the station