Lawyer / Borg Spewing Slurs & General Bigotry

Byond Account: Aries_Mars
Character Name(s): Paxton Parkinson
Discord Name: Mars#5779
Round ID: 17806
Date: 12/03/2021
Griefer IC name: Default Android-512 (and some human name I can’t recall as lawyer, logs don’t go that far back for me.)
Griefer Byond account (if known): Jotaro20

Prefacing this with letting you know that every censored word was used without being censored in-game.

What happened: Human lawyer sent out a joke over PDA, I responded with some banter saying it wasn’t funny, he responded by calling me a f^ggot. Checked if admins were online and none were. I crafted a baseball bat to kill 'em. He greeted me with something like “Hey f^ggot” then I beat him for a minute then security arrested me. After that I explained why I was killing the lawyer, they understood and we all beat 'em to death.

After that the same brain got borg’d and he was asking me if I was gay, complaining about not being able to say certain words like “f^gg”, went on about Eddie Murphy dying from aids and gay? Afterword he was deactivated, and came back about two more times. Complained in OOC after the round saying “OOC: Jotaro20: aight so i got kill for sulring”

Anyway, it was in the right place for us to kill him since no admins were online, I also ahelped during the fact twice, once when he was human, and once when he was a cyborg. I hope this helps out and y’all enjoy the report.


Taken care of. Thx for the report