Lazlo Kerli Perma Ban appeal

  1. Lazlo Kerli
  2. Brook Zalak
  3. Crocodile Van Pelt#8223
  4. 24457
  6. Hello admins of Fulpstation.

It’s been well over 6 months since my permanent ban from Fulpstation. One can quickly judge when seeing my imgur link “he’s guilty obviously, DENIED.” but I’d like to get my story across with no groveling or BS about kissing it up to get unbanned. I’ve heard the n-word be used before in the server, the n-word itself wasn’t even the hard “r” version (still the n-word but not as severe), I’ve seen a few people say it before and not get in trouble because its “cool” which is why I didn’t bother to screenshot it anymore since I thought it was alright. I understand the effect that word has now, despite what I will explain further in the appeal.

Usually, when watching content say YouTube I get “inspired” to do certain RP, I was watching some weed RP videos previously from a few other content creators before doing around of Fulp and I managed to come across a moth growing and rolling weed. We started to rp and make shit together but when doing so that inspiration got caught up and I jumped the gun on my senses and said the n-word (with no hard r). I didn’t think much of it at the time because again, heard people say it before and not get in trouble so I assumed it was fine.

I already understood my actions at the end of it but I will be honest here, I only waited this long to do an application cause I didn’t want to seem like a dying man begging on his knees only a few hours after being banned.

This isn’t an apology since that falls on deaf ears, and I don’t want to do what most people do and grab a guitar and “apologize.” I only want this to be noted as a reflection and a future improvement on my behavior that can grant me an unban from Fulp.

I hope this reaches you well and dear, Lazlo Kerli (also known as Cobra124787)

When /tg/ appealed your permaban, you didn’t even last 10 hours before getting re-banned. I think we’re gonna pass on doing the same thing here. This is denied. CentCom | View Bans