Learn what power gaming is

Ah yes Power gaming, for some reason the admins and the mods think that building a H.O.N.K. during a cult round is “power gaming.”

Lol glad to see you didn’t mention you were a clown, or a non antag.

why you always gotta try and start shit?

Because its fucking bullshit, the HONK is litterally the clowns fucking Mech, PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT.

Glad that you dont understand that the HONK is litterally a mech made for the clown. You also seem to forget that it was a cult round. THE MINER LITTERALLY GOT BANANIUM FOR ME and he said “Go make yourself a HONK.”

First off, cult rounds aren’t done Sandbox where you can do anything you want, it’s not even a nukie round. You still have to follow our rules. As for the miner giving you bananium and telling you “go make yourself a honk”, they’re not a mod, they’re not the captain, they’re not the RD, so they don’t have the authority to allow you to make your own honk. Give the mats to the roboticists, and ask them to make you a HONK. If they don’t do it? Well tough shit, no honk this round for you, that’s SS13 for your. HONKs are a treat not an obligation for you to have, nor an excuse to break our rules.

Also realize that just because the HONK is a mech for a clown doesn’t mean clowns are alllowed to make their own. Now, I was being nice and not punishing you for this, but remember you were let back on the server out of fairness, but we expected you to read and follow the rules. Though the probation period is over, this doesn’t mean you are free to treat our server like it’s your own LRP playground. Clowns don’t have the freedom to do anything they want just because they’re a meme role, nor do you. Now drop this, follow our rules, if you don’t like them, go play somewhere else. We’re not gunna change them just because “HONK is for clown says TG”. The mechanics of the games do not supersede our rules. End of story, this discussion is over.