Least favorite antag?

Personally my least favorite is blob, always completely onesided. Either the blob has a bad spawn and gets murdered instantly or the crew can’t find it and it wins by the time they find it.


Nightmare. There aren’t any set objectives, so no one knows what to do with it and then they die immediately.

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Swarmers/Spiders are generally the same with how players play them, and most of the time no one takes them seriously and they end up hijacking the escape shuttle.


Yeah I change my answer- spiders and swarmers are horrible

People writing in swarmers, spiders and nightmares as their least favourite when those are my most favourite (sentient disease and malf AI are tied for 1st on being favourites). Dunno what that says about me as a player…

My least favourite antag is roundstart cult. I’m still quite slow and cautious when I play roundstart cult/antag in general and am afraid that slow-style of play makes most cult rounds end in a flop.

Heretic. Nothing you can do meaningfully changes the gameplay loop, objectives may as well as not exist, and I feel like its charm comes from a lack of magic based antagonists more than its own uniqueness.

My least favourite antagonist of fulp.gg is definately Xar-see :slight_smile:

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sentient disease

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oh yeah changeling, I hate that one too.

Self antags, you never expect them before its too late



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Swarmers - cheesing galore. You either stomp them with direct counters (mechs) or get wrecked by them or stunlocked in place by a swarm of yellow swarmers. Plus the amount of hijacks they perform…

Spiders - one bite and you’re dead. That’s it. They are fast as hell, can tank a lot, and without bombing entirity of departures they are sure to hijack the emergency shuttle like Swarmers do.

Revs - murderbone shitshow where one side gets permamently removed whether they like it or not, even if there is an option to send a head of staff or revolution to gulag. And due to round stalling on after revs / heads win, it’s turning into a heavly unfun experience to people. Plus other antagonists… Feels like cheating when they get converted.

Cultists - Constructs suck and bullshit stun exist. Enough said.

Blob - as Myth said it’s heavly one sided and barely ever a balanced encounter. You either roll the blob, or get rolled like hell. Also the god damn timing of it spawning, apparently it spawning literal seconds before shuttle leaves is a good thing.

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I am in a love hate relationship with heretics, it’s a cool idea - but I dislike the whole idea of permanently removing people just to get points :/, needing to consistently kidnap people to progress is difficult unless you are very good at combat + security avoidance.
(And for some reason being in a locker disallows you from tracking your target, lockers aren’t another plane of existence godammit.)

Revolution in quite tedious to get through and usually ends up with the station inhabitable. ESPECIALLY midround revolutionaries, midround revs are the only antag I genuinely hate. You can have a perfectly fine shift one minute. And then boom.
Not to mention it usually ends up with stalling on one side with how it functions.

Nightmares are honestly just, very, very, squishy and obvious. If someone wants you dead, you are more than likely going to die. drag a light source, have a light source or god forbid get set on fire.
They rely on not being the main threat - which is lame for such an antagonist. Never seen a nightmare actually “win”.

Thief-its so hard and as a traitor is hard enough to steal someting with C4S and stuff and with thief you get nothing. heretic-its to hard for me either somebody finds my rune in 10 seconds i cant get a bodys and decide to ssd yeah its pretty hard.

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skill issue.