Least favorite station and why?

I just fucking hate icebox, and I’ve yet to meet a sane person who does like it.

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Icebox is better than pubby, i will die on that hill. One thing i hate about icebox is the ungodly xenobio lab. Makes slime breaches less likely tho, they first need to go up one z level to do anything.

Pubby is all madness. And the xenobio lab is meh at best, but if youre an antag its great with the maints around it so its got its pros and cons.

I’ve only had one shift on pubby and I was warden so I never left sec - but my hatred for ice box is beyond that of normal

Helio station because it was made by helianthus


icebox because there is no space to explore and i hate falling through z levels

Pubby because it sucks and is terrible and smells real bad

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pubby station more like poopy station

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I actually love Heliostation, because guess what, the xenobio lab is amazing.

Must suck liking the WORST map

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i don’t like selene
pubby and solitaire sweep
icebox = firealarm box

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it is the quintessential fulp map, and im tired pretending it is not <3

Kilostation, because its Kilostation

I’m going to ban everyone that says helio or selene.

I hate metastation

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Meta is good fuck you

I like Icebox. Tramstation though…

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Pubby and kilo are probably my least favorites just due to size.

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All of them they are boring let’s add eosstation to the rotation


I hate selene. I genuinely think it’s the worst. No defining characteristics, just Way bad. Maintenance is okay, and that’s it. It’s just shitty.

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Heliostation for not being Heliostation2, the promised sequel