Lesser version of valentines thing for year round

My idea is, that, in effect, a lesser version of the valentines thing could be year round. It would be an optional antag, and have 2 ways of triggering.
1: a very rare roundstart thing that applies what normally happens during valentines
2: a more common, roundstart or midround thing, that applies to a few people at most.

I think this would be a good idea due to the fact people seem to act nicer during valentines, and are forced to keep other people alive, leading to a general more fun experience. If this were to be implemented, however, i would expect that some kind of message warning against doing ERP if you want to be able to be this valentine thing would be necessary.

i like it, but i think it should only be like 1 couple, and ive think ive heard someone else complain and say “we already have bloodbrothers”

But bloodbrothers is effectively shittier traitor and sec goes apeshit. In this case, sec is not going to go apeshit

sec is always ape, if not on traitors then griefers

but it would be less ape

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Defeats the purpose of a holiday event if it’s year round

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Im much happier having 3 days of really interesting rp potential like Bonnie and Clyde style instead of a lame gimmick.

eh you two make a point