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Byond Account:Jessum
Character Name(s): Bork Mcbork
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Choulong #1976
Round ID of Ban: 21573

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Admin 0 Opened 5 tickets to complain that their tickets for A- abducting a random player as a psycholgoist and sec arresting you for it and B- a wizard attacking you were marked IC. Already warned about admin interaction. Our community has nothing to gain by you being here and harassing staff. Round 21573

Banned: 2022-08-05 19:48:32 Admin: horatio22
State your appeal:
During this round I was playing one of the few high rp needed jobs of psychology, when I cam across a man that wasn’t supposed to be behind the area of medway bouncing around shoving pepole and begging for pills, apon him constantly going uncon getting back up and shoving pepole around I decide it would be for the best if I put this man in a straight jacket to calm down ( as per how it’s stated online, how I rp and treat insane acting pepole is within my choices with this rp role.) Knowing from previous talks while he had been in the back I knew he had been overimbing in opioids so I went to put him into the cryo healing system when him and another botasnt attacked and put me in crit for this. The cryo system isn’t to trap him if he had been taking alot of pill it would have given time for the mass to damage to burn off of him.
They too me down into crit and a sec officer saw me fighting back as I was being attacked and decided I was the aggressor, helped them crit me out and dragged me around behind him. At this point I put in my first AHelp and was told that basically that nobody would do anything because I wasn’t supposed to detain anyone?
When did I try and detain him, by putting him into cryo healing?
I then tried to state my case and kept getting rebuffed by the administration of the time. I went to botany and decided I was just gonna follow their suit and wander around their secured area and the wizard decided to attack me for being in there. I didn’t know it was a wizard and was pizzed for being attacked again and told nothing could be done.
I was to belive that as it is stated on the phych wiki that how I treat insane patients is up to me that putting them in the kacket to stop the pushing of the medway personal would be in the scope of what is allowed to do.
I just don’t understand how when I try and RP and get attacked it is decided that nothing can be done but if I’d o something I get banned for it?
Case and point I tried to argue my case about original ticket with the afmin during game as I believed that the RP expectations held for me in this instance and I got banned for trying to a state my case.