Likteer Dev Access Removal Appeal

Discord Name Likteer#4031
State your appeal:

I have taunted a staff member with an animated image, depicting a bald man emerging from northern waters to eat a piece of ice, then submerge himself again. Since then, I have understood how traumatic of a experience can that be and will refrain from doing that in the future.

In all seriousness, Helian told me to write an appeal instead of just asking for them back and I have no idea what to write in there.

The ban was for shitposting and off-topic conversation in channels that are meant for actual discussion of sever development. We have a whole channel dedicated to shitposting; we expect the dev-channels to be taken at least seriously enough that we can have constructive conversations without someone being obnoxious in them. That’s the whole point of keeping them behind a second role. You clearly either don’t understand or don’t care about why you got dev-access removed, so this is denied. Try again in a few weeks with a serious appeal.