Likteer mentor application (2)

(sorry, I’ve always wanted to use that as a title for something)

Byond Account: Likteer
Character Names: Likteer, Shitass.
Discord Name: Likteer#4031
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT+1
Active hours: between 11am and 9pm (more on Weekends/on Discord)
Are you interested in becoming a mod: Perhaps

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

Joined on 2020-07-15

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I have a good understanding of the majority of jobs through observation, player interactions, asking questions, reading and spawners.


Personal experience - I find going back to the bridge often, optimal.
Generally - following John Willard’s (bless his soul) guide is a very good start.


Main principle - you’re not just the funny access man, you’re the head of the entire service department (as well as the link between the Quartermaster and the rest of the station).


I know their equipment, procedures, what’s allowed in general and what is not. I only tried playing as an officer once, and didn’t get to learn much. Many players recommend the buddy system/cooperation for the win.


I know the equipment, what room’s for what, why do advanced players hate stasis beds. I could probably make a decent doctor if I decided to memorise more of it.


I know the equipment, how to do exports, what can they provide and what you can provide to them, how much crate recycling is loved, etc.

Shaft Miner

I know the equipment, the general progression and the part of the job that benefits the station. I know how to beat some of the environment into submission (that included Goliaths until the early 2021 update, not too sure what happened), but as my gameplay comes mostly from spawners - only tendril I ever destroyed was the Ashwalker one in EORG, and only boss I’ve defeated - a rampant vendor.


I again know the equipment, what they do for a living… I’ve also performed some of the jobs not listed in my playtime as spawners, on other servers & for instance, doing joke cooking as a mime (almost succeeded at finishing the crazy hamburger once).
What I’m lacking at is botany. I haven’t put the effort to learn the gene stuff, so I usually (as a lifebringer) combine chemicals in the nutrient trays, then shoot some of them with the floral somatray & hope the RNG is on my side.


Genetics - obviously.
Robotics - sure.
Xenobiology - kinda.
Toxins - nope.
In general - yes.


Played most of them, know what to do (buy powerfist), know how to do it (punch target with the powerfist) & I’m capable of winning. I occasionally share some of the greentexts & stories (how I punched someone with the powerfist) on Discord.


I am a competent station engineer, who knows how to make an engine, how to break an engine, how to save an engine, and how to make the engine funnier without the previous two. I haven’t touched atmospherics too much, but I understand that the pipes do not work like you expect them to (actually just a gas container) & similar things.
I make machines for others, I am picky in which machine goes to whom and very protective of my workplace, within reason.
You can find a couple screenshots of my projects in my previous app and on Discord. I’m also working on re-spriting and re-coding the hardhats to have flashlights attached in a similar ways as seclites and security helmets.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

The fulp-issues with fulp-me:

Summary of what happened thus far
  • I was selectively removing some of the firelocks/firealarms late into a shift without competent atmospheric personnel, in order to prepare for evacuation, allow for the wounded to receive treatment and ease up a bit on the noise and red hues.
    This shouldn’t be performed at all in normal circumstances, and things like space heaters can help if deployed fast enough in the round.
  • Defenses on a nuclear operative round were misunderstood as “blocking arrivals’ escape pods” once, leading to a much more innately dumb conversation, but about as long as as with the previous problem.

  • I have once posted a meme in a dev channel, thinking it wouldn’t be frowned upon due to the conversation being lighthearted & relevant (?) (can’t really remember), but then overstayed my welcome with a dumb gif of a man eating a piece of ice, upon being rightfully admonished.

  • I have referred to a question in #ask-mods once, while giving the impression I was answering it… then I dragged the argument on for far too long and turned it into a cesspool.

While not having received a note since the end of 2020, I am genuinely terrible in arguments on Discord. I drag them for far too long, I hardly give up, I can’t convey my arguments to some people, especially the ones that join in along the way.

I have a rough idea it’s because of the way stuff happens for me irl, I care about arguments too much - might come off as a surprise that I immediately care more exponentially depending on if I like/respect the people I’m arguing with.
I also feel like the partial language barrier or my communication skills in general makes the way I phrase some stuff annoy or offend people not on purpose.

Can it be fixed?
Probably, and I will try my best.

Isn’t this just an elaborate way of you continuing these past arguments for whatever reason?
God, no! I just wanted to show that I do notice, I do admit to, and I do care about the problem. And what better way to do this, than to refer to the reason my last application failed, and do it in the section of the template, last time I completely forgot about…

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I wouldn’t normally leave negatives on these apps, but clearly this is something you need pointed out to you. You need to take these things at least a bit more seriously. With a title like that I don’t even want to consider this. This isn’t even the first time you’ve had this brought up to you though. It isn’t a requirement to be dead-serious about absolutely everything to be a mentor but we at least prefer for the mentors to have the maturity to see where a joke is funny and where it is just unnecessary and irritating. -1

You reacted horribly to your last one being denied and went out of your way to blame Pucci (who would be in charge of you) for your app being rejected despite it being a unanimous decision amongst the admins without his input. It shows a lack of maturity and unwillingness to take responsibility for your mistakes on your part, which is something we look for in mentors, especially with those under 18. Between that and DMing admins whenever things don’t go your way, I have no desire to actually consider this app. -1

I really thought the 1 month delay and prompt to re-write the application was meant to make me try to improve. Apologies, and I’ll change the title just for the sake of clarity and not making my clown shoes even bigger.

The app looks really good and professional i like how you used the forums in this way really clear and easy to read maybe the most stylish app ive seen

We have high standards for our mentors and at the moment they aren’t being met here. In the future if you feel like you have improved, you are welcome to submit another app.