Likteer - Mentor Application

Byond Account: Likteer
Character Names: Likteer, Shitass.
Discord Name: Likteer#4031
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT+1
Active hours: somewhere between 11am and 9pm
Are you interested in becoming a mod: Not right now

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I know the basics of the majority of jobs, mostly through observation & could probably pick up a lot of them without much trouble if I wanted to.
I have experience with ghost spawners, more obscure/funny mechanics, regular and midround antagonists (all of them enabled, I could only really struggle as a heretic, cause the one round I played was on an experimental character).
Where I really shine (as seen in the first screenshot) is engineering. I am very strict about all of the bad stuff: powergaming, metagaming, OOC wording etc. I have learned to deny things both to intruders and fellow engineers, when they try to omit common sense.
Since on Fulp I don’t receive a lot of requests, I have a buildlist of machinery I provide on the usual, that others may forget about/don’t realise their convenience.
I tend to reinforce everything I repair with high quality materials. I dislike the RCD.
I make creative fortifications in rounds/circumstances that actually call for it…

…or do more fun constructions on other rounds.


I also know the trick to surviving EORG.

The most controversial and though-provoking of my projects - the lampless hardhat, is yet to be accepted. Thank you for coming to my engi-talk!


But how good are you as a station engineer?
(Also smh a moth who removed the lamp from the moth helmet)

Good dude tho
+an arbitrary yet funny number

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i dont know why you didnt apply before

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Age requirement went down a year today.

Good discord interactions. Always seeking to learn new things. +1 reliable engineer

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Good engineer and potential CE mentor which is something we need

(please play CE)


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+2 very good engineer
however i do have to say
-1 wheres the firelocks
[Image of will smith in empty room]

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+2 Very reliable engineer and fun one too
(my friend Maria Chi was very happy about the round of the “good job lads” screenshot)
-1 firelock breaker

This app seems mostly fine, I’m neutral about it.

Your hours as Engineer are impressive, but what I find more impressive is that with 660h, You’ve only played 14 jobs (13 of which have very low hours compared to your engineer hours). Its quite impressive, and you’d fit well in mentoring the engineering department.

On the other hand, mentors are meant to mostly be a role model. This can be improved upon, I’m sure you can put in the effort for that. Especially with the past incidents, such as:

An hour-long argument regarding dismantling firelocks on Icebox

Or barricading escape pods as they “could use it as a way in” (hint, so can they use any window in arrivals. Escape Pod is scummy and just prevents people from getting in safely.)

Learning to take criticisms rather than draw out long arguments is vital.
Neither a +1 or -1, just my opinion.

In conclusion, my verdict is:

Where’s the firelocks?


OH crap i forgot you could post images

The firelocks argument still isn’t settled - everyone was offering atmos solutions while the problem was lack of competent atmos technicians and I just wanted to allow for easy medbay/departures access. I’ll still only use it during extreme circumstances.

As for the pods thing, the conversation was misunderstood by almost all of the people who’ve seen it. 3 people decided to stay in engineering, 2 of them were newbies - we’ve decided we only had a chance if we could limit the entry route to one & try to defend ourselves with stunprods there. It took extra effort explaining to the newbies, that we shouldn’t block the front entrance.

when you get criticised for drawing out long arguements and you keep doing it :roll_eyes:


If I want to get my mentor app accepted, I feel like I need to provide the context that I was at least somewhat right and my actions were justified.

Also, to clarify - I never touched the arrivals pods.

The fire locks protect the crew. They prevent the air from moving between them. The airlocks likely deployed due to a breach or an external airlock left open for too long. By removing the airlocks. It speeds up the rate at which the station freezes and depressurizes. The best option would have been to spend the same amount of time and set up a ton of heaters in major areas. Or increase the temperature of distro air.

Or even replace the fire locks with airlock doors with minimal access

During that shift, the atmospherics department was incompetent or non-existant and basically all of the station was rapidly divided by closed firelocks.

I’ve managed to narrow down the problem to not temperature, but very small amounts of plasma - not enough to be set on fire, apparently and you could survive a solid few minutes without internals, but the damage was significant.
I’ve decided to remove a few of the firelocks - since they’ve been already opened on the regular by people who managed to prepare accordingly in the main hallways, to allow for easy access to departures & medbay.

Sadly, others have been destroying firelocks before that, and not as discriminately as me - I know for a fact that at least the chefs suffered from that.

Likteer is a great engineer and a thorough antagonist, both are good qualities to teach new players. My concern is that they are a bit bullheaded in letting things go. A couple of anecdotes aside, I believe this thread proves a good example of it.
I think if they take consideration of this and work on it with support from the other mentors, they’d make a good addition.

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You’ve pretty consistently been argumentative from feedback you’ve gotten from staff already (continuing to ping /tg/ coders after I asked you to stop, for example). There’s rule-skirting behavior even in your app, and we hold our mentors to a higher standard, so we’re going to decline this for now. If you’re still interested, you can re-apply in a month.