Ling grief pls ban he

Byond Account: Crazy 7878
Character Name: Iga
Discord Name: Crazy#7612
Round ID: 10419
Griegefer byond account: ShinkuSen
Griefer Byond name: Helpful Metacommer

i was building evac shuttle, they just EMP and killed me for no reason, their objetives are.

Objective #1: Extract more compatible genomes than any other Changeling.
Objective #2: Steal the heavily radioactive plutonium core from the onboard self-destruct. Take care to wear the proper safety equipment when extracting the core!
Objective #3: Assassinate Jakob Werry, the Assistant.
Objective #4: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody.

Stop being a little baby dude and just get robust.

…and how is that contributing to the seemingly valid grief report?

Because I have too much swag

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it’s just regular report, no admins were on. i got killed by ling for no reason

I’m rather certain Katherine was replying to the random guy who’s troll-baiting…

Yeah, I was referring to the Qfmysteryman23. Your report is okay.

swag masta

This issue has been handled, thank you for the report!