Lingsorbing randoms

Byond Account:Delta0Star
Character Name(s):Nush-Kajul, Azala-Kajul
Discord Name: Delta (Nush-Kajul)
Round ID:12711
Griefer Byond account:Crow07 , N/A
Griefer Byond name:Ezoth L'Verondoch (Mr Iota) , N/A
What happened: on round 12711 i joined late into the round i wander around a bit and after a while i went to the bar my computer had started slowing down so i decided to restart it when i rejoin i come back to a ling absorbing me when there is NO WAY i was the target since i had joined INCREDIBLY late into the round on the same round i had seen people being change stung into martini which seemed like it was also most likely grief from the lings i ahelped but no admins were on at the time can you deal with this?


This has been looked into, thank you for the report!