LittleSaltee banned by Guillaume Prata

Byond Account: LittleSaltee
Character Name(s): Clyde Cash
Discord Name: potassoijm + water#2627
Round ID of Ban: 13352
Ban Message : Imgur: The magic of the Internet
State your appeal: yeah, I genuinely dont know what happened, I get it seems like this was on
purpose and if I was an admin, I’d think I’m guilty, but I actually did this by accident. I just clicked on three tiles at once to write out my message faster, and there it was. I must’ve wrote “hon” and done that, I actually dont know.

Sure, I totally believe you. Writing KKK on the floor is totally uncharacteristic of your behavior on the server:

Kidding. This is denied. Try again in a few months if you can cut the hate speech and play normally.