Local discord admin bans gamer after they respectfully describe station, critics in frenzy

 Byond Account: France Gaymer
Character Name(s): Johnathan Hardy
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): France gaymer#3790
Round ID of Ban: N/A

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): N/A
State your appeal: I don’t know if this is the correct channel for a discord ban appeal or if there even is one so if it’s not that information would be appreciated.
On discord I said “i think i understand why people don’t like fulpstation now” during the bus that took about 7 tries to get started. After the hour long mute for this I sent what could (if you’re exaggerating a bit) be called a rant on how because fulp is pretty centrist on all the main variables of a station (rp amount, rule strictness, furry % and so on) combined with how it has no big gameplay changes of its own most of the people playing won’t think its the best server ever and the people who are banned for any number of reasons will only really remember the supposed shitmins. Pretty much every server I’ve been on thought that fulpstation had terrible terrible admins and I thought it was pretty unlikely that they were just that much worse than average.
This started a discussion about how nobody really seemed to care what people on other servers thought, with it general opinion being that they were only of value if you enjoyed boners of the regular and murder types. One of the messages sent by an admin was “I really hate drama and I really hate furries” (I have no way of seeing the original so i hope that’s accurate, you can check the logs).
I replied to the message with “could you read that through again?”, got sent to the shed, tried to explain my point and was permabanned.

What I want to know is if I seemed to be a member of some terrible faction of muderboners on reddit or even just seemed like an asshole in general. It doesn’t really matter to me if I broke any rules, more if I just came off as an asshole or something. I don’t hate the server or admins at all and won’t make an angry post on any sort of social media even if this is just responded to with “nah lol, fuck you”.

Hope your day is good, mines been pretty cool.

I won’t be handling the appeal nor will the admins involved but I do want to clarify why you were banned. You kept going on this rant about why people don’t like fulp and described basically what a MRP server is and said we are centrist although came off totally being a dick. It’s a kind of “take a hint” moment where helian and I both told you nobody cared and to just shut up. You didn’t take the hint, and tagged slig with this comment which led to your shedding


You still didn’t take the hint, and doubled down in the shed with this comment, which after discussing with other admins, I decided to ban you.

Thanks for clarifying, I am frequently really bad at seeing the general impression of what I’m saying so the feedback is really useful. I’m really sorry about how irritating it was.

After posting the initial set of messages I was alright with the general response that people didn’t care, but after people said they didn’t care there were still questions being asked about it and not clarifying my argument at all would probably have seemed worse.

I am now seeing how taking about how you hate hostile communities isn’t unreasonable, and the response message itself was really shitty, I also don’t really have anything to add on the comment in the shed that one was just bad and added nothing.

Again, just to reiterate I understand now how that comment and the rant before it sound really, really shitty, I didn’t intend to say the server was bad in any way, just that the people who think that the admins on it are terrible are not a result of the admins being worse than average. I’ve generally not had that terrible of a time with them so that seemed inaccurate. I don’t hate the server or any of the people on it, and I’ll try to think more about how my messages will be interpreted rather than just worsening my situation.

You have been incredibly frustrating to deal with on the server for a very long time, and you couldn’t even be respectful in your ban appeal title. This is denied.