Looking for suggestions for spawner loot

I’m making a spawner that will introduce people to the beefy boys. Part of it includes an off-site area that they can teleport into that will have a loot crate. What would be some cool things that could go in it but aren’t terribly OP/ griefy (e.g. no supermatter sword)? Beefmen are Russian in lore, so anything Russian-themed would be a plus.

Given that it’s Russian themed, I think mosins and ushankas are standard. Unsure what other gimmicky items could be put in without people using it to grief.

Would also be a good place to add Beefman related items that we still don’t have, like a Beefman plushie, maybe new sashes that are not department locked, etc.

Extra pieces of meat so people can practice the delimbing, maybe some bottle of frost oil? There’s a lot of Russian themed cosmetic items like tracksuits and ushankas, also Boda would be nice

Fake mustaches are kinda Russian.