Low pop grief patrol

Byond Account: BigDongPingPong
Character Name(s): Ezekiel Coates
Discord Name: Rod
Round ID: 30748
Griefer IC name: Aspear Stargeezer
Griefer Byond account (if known): Grungussuss

What happened: Aspear killed me on sight even though i was on the same syndie team and had no reason to attack me. After, i witnessed aspear killing someone that was sitting down talking. I was told by a ghost, that was hovering over aspear, that aspear killed probably 3+ non targets. Aspear keeps behaving this way when there are no admins present.

don’t remember any time I’ve done this with no admins on? I was teaching Sylvia atmos most of the shift, when shuttle was called and a traitor was close to final I went to kill them so I don’t die myself and also went to find my objective the hypospray, the locker was missing so I started killing traitors that could have the hypo, also someone was close to final and I stopped them so I don’t die myself, syndicate traitors are not on the same team, they can cooperate if they want but having the same objective can mean you will get backstabbed.

You didn’t have the same objectives as me, you failed RP by not even asking, how can you backstab someone without knowing the objectives. Furthermore you killed literally a crew member right after killing me, he was sitting and just speaking. You were questioned in OOC about it by the ghost that was orbiting you, but you stayed silent. And no, no one was close to being final, and i don’t know how do you manage to access that that quickly

did you read the part of the traitor info where it says reveal your identity at your own discretion cuz other traitors can kill you?

this has been handled thanks for the report!