Lux Aeterna's Mentor Application

Byond Account: luxaeternia
Character Name(s): Bombyx Uruma, Rok-Jor, Steps-On-Glass
Discord Name: Lux Aeterna (Bombyx Uruma on the Fulpstation server)
Age: 24
Timezone: UTC+1

  • Active hours: Depends on the days, but generally in the morning (9 am. => 12 am.) and in the afternoon (2 pm. => 9pm.). Might change once I find a new job though.

  • Are you interested in becoming a mod?:
    Not currently, no.

  • How long have you played on Fulpstation?:
    Apparently, I’ve first set foot on the station on the 10th January 2022, and have since spent over 1807 hours of real time on here. How time flies! Can’t say that I regret it (much).

  • What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?:

  1. Cargo my beloved.
    With by far the most hours spent on hauling crates and dying painfully on Lavaland, I am able to assist with anything in that department, from the MULEbots to shipping crates via disposals, with even some attempts at the drone bay under my belt. As for the mining aspect, I have found and explored almost all the ruins, fought against hundred of simplemobs and understand how most of the loot one gets down there works. I personally have yet to defeat Bubblegum or the Colossus (or any of the Megafauna on Icebox), but I know the theory behind it!
  2. Sillycones
    Silicons are one of those classes where you THINK you know everything about them just be be surprised every so often. Like, how you can install a defibrillator into a mediborg once you remove the cell, or how engieborgs can mount APCs and Air Alarms to a wall when they stand in front of it and use a screwdriver on the mount. Or how the AI can hotkey camera positions! Or just the hotkeys in general! Very very useful stuff to know.
  3. Engineering
    Setting the SM with a custom filter system or secondary cooling loop inside the chamber itself is a fun past-time and challenge to me. I’ve yet to make a completely delamination-prood setup, but by God am I getting close. Building machines is no issue, and repairs are done speedily. As for atmos, the HFR is still an arcane mystery to me and I’ve never managed to make anything more complicated than Hydrogen for gasses.
  4. Medical
    I’m not as good as Jim Hardy or some of the medical mains when it comes to treating people and making chems, but I can hold my own. Surgery and healing people’s no issue, I still fail some of the chemical recipes, and I’ve never touched Virology because at this point it would be a travesty to even start.
  5. Service
    Not the department I know the most about, but I’ve explored maints enough to know how to solve abandoned crates, what there is to expect in them, the hazards of the tunnels, the ins and outs of cooking and bartending, and the joy of clowning around responsively. Botany’s definitely my weakness here though.
  6. Science baby!
    Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’. Making bombs as fast as I can is my Modus Operandi, and toxin’s never been an issue for me. Yes, I’m not good at achieving maxcap status, but they’re close enough that it’s good enough for the experiments requiring bomb data. I know how the compressor works and how to use the core refiner. Xenobiology is fine for me, I’ve only dabbled in cytology, and robotics is basically just maintaining borgs and making mechs. I’ve actually started playing on Fulpstation as a geneticist, and some of my best memories still lie with that job. So many shenanigans…
  7. Security
    I don’t particularly enjoy playing sec, but I’ve done it enough to know the ins and out of the different jobs there, outside for the lawyer because I don’t hate myself.
  8. Command
    I’ll admit, I’m not the best Head there is. I easily get distracted, forget to check in on coms sometimes, and are very bad when under stress. But I know how each job works, and even how to annoy people with paperwork when I’m feeling sadistic enough.
  9. Different antagonists
    I’m not a very good antag, and I’ve disabled most of them. I only really understand how traitor and Revolutionary work, as I’ve barely or not-at-all touched the other roles.
  10. Different spawns (Lavaland, Space…)
    Having dabbled in all of the spawns, I can effectively mentor most people choosing one of these roles. I’ve yet to restart the SM on Charlie Station, but I’ve cleared out the science department there a few times. Repairing he Ancient Drones’ station is a breeze (even if there is nothing more one can do after opening the main vault because there’s no way to generate enough power or refill the atmosphere on there). My favourite is the Syndicate Lavaland base and it’s pill-SM. I absolutely love babysitting the power generation on there, it’s such a fun challenge.
  • What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?:
    Some people might seem like they’re ‘quiet’ or not interested in Roleplaying at all, but it’s surprising to see just how far a bit of kindness (and a cup of Italian Hot Chocolate) can go to make people open up. Even the most battle-hardened and grizzled veteran is open to some shenanigans sometimes, especially during some quiet moments. My best memories come from just… talking to people and seeing where this leads. Even if you just KNOW the dude is an antag and you’re the target, it’s fun to play along with them and see where it leads! People just want to have fun man. Enabling that for them nets you some really good friends. :D

Big +1, never seen him doing anything toxic.

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