Lynch Mob Kills, Beheads and tries to Borg crew over IC dispute

Byond Account:Chumpywumpus
Character Name(s): Aaliyah Wise
Discord Name: Garfollini the Sated(Chumpy)
Round ID: 19429
Date: 03/22/2022
Griefer IC name: John LongJohn, Carrie Argotech, Spencer Woods, Ryan Finlay
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A on all counts

What happened: I was observing the round and noticed there was some sort of scuffle going on with Albus Cromwell the chef who was piloting a Clarke Mech in cargo bay. Talking with Albus in Dchat, he claimed he was trying to get cargo to get his bounty cube back after they had launched it into space. John the QM, Carrie the CT, Spencer the Supply Deputy, and Ryan the Brig Physician managed to destroy the mech. After disabling the mech, Carrie the CT took out a circsaw and proceeded to behead Albus while the others beat him. Afterwards Carrie claimed she was taking the brain to robotics for borging. All this was done without so much as a word to the Captain or Security as far as I can tell, and done despite Albus being stunned and able to easily be cuffed and detained by the deputy who partook in the lynching. I tried to ahelp but as there were no admins online I was unable to get a response.

I was there for what lead up to this. I was in cargo for another reason but chilled for a bit. Albus had been in cargo for at least a while by this point complaining about the bounty cube. We ended up chasing him around for quite a while as he fought everyone trying to capture him and remove him. They managed to get him cuffed and removed. So probably tenish minutes (at least) of him simply standing there yelling about a cube that was mistakenly (to my knowledge by the claims of cargo crew) launched into space. I left shortly after this.

He obviously shouldn’t have been beheaded and force-borged, assuming his noggin even made it over to robo and was properly handled. I only say anything to simply add some context to what provoked the situation on both sides and I have no input past that.

Just to clarify what happened, it looks like this was IC escalation until he was beheaded, but I’ve dealt with the person responsible for that. Thanks!