Lynchmob of 9 people to validhunt and rdm alongside spacing

Character Name(s): Mehmed Miller

Discord Name: Exymiam#9483

Round ID: 10784

Griefer Byond account: H4m5hank(the borg),

Griefer Byond name: Adamantine Golem (312), Shitburger (as Hailey Hamburger), Ploughs-The-Field, Plastitanium Golem (38) (as Brian Mills), Plastitanium Golem (116), Shitburger (as Walker Lord), M.A.T.T. Unit #5, The Gongoozler, Lucas Wible

What Happened : I was a ling, i board the shuttle and buckle myself in because i cannot get into pods as i have no time. Jaxon Mathews tells the golems that i am a ling and the golems all rush at me alongside the others for a lynchmob that included 9 people, stripping me, cuffing me, hitting me even after i died and to make sure i, the valid, redtext and die they make sure to space me too. 2 Heroes spaced themselves in the process but alas, the deed was worth it i guess.

I have pictures of each individuals involvement in this tragic event which means 10 pictures.

grief patrol 1

grief patrol 2

grief patrol 3

grief patrol 4

grief patrol 5

grief patrol 6

grief patrol 7

grief patrol 8

grief patrol 9

Unfortunately, logs for this round have been deleted due to a database error at the time. Apologies, but this report cannot be reasonably followed through with.