Macaronipizzas Ban appeal

Byond Account:Macaronipizzas
Character Name(s): Boof  Weedington
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Frankfurter
Round ID of Ban: 31563

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I never forcefed anyone bath salts, at one point i passed out bath salts but they were clearly labelled as Bath salts pill (10u) and were supposed to be under the overdose threshold. As for the cargo budget i was attempting to buy diamonds for parts and i was never able to spend anything, i wasnt trying to clear out the budget and i never did.

id like to add that i didnt greytide into cargo, someone wrenched the ORM and moved it so i just decided to walk in to check out the material market and try to get some diamonds.

You did force feed me and another crewmate, the clown peppinpop, bathsalts labeled as beesiese vax, resulting the 2 of us dying, this happened in the first round. On the next round, you did try to spend the entire cargo budget on the materials market without permission two times. The second time was kinda irrelevant to cargo because cargo had a lot of money, BUT you just walked in, headed straight to the materials market, took bathsalts and started attacking us, aka being a massive shitter. I most likely tried to drag you and get you out the door, and probably did push you or hit you i will give you that, but a simple normal person request “hey can you buy some diamonds” would probably get you all the diamonds you wanted. You attacked both me and seymour lucy, and i got pretty hurt.

Would like to add that perma was a bit harsh. I hope you get it shortened :+1:

I did not forcefeed you anything those “beesvax” or whatever pills werent mine they were someone elses in cargo, i offered you both pills and you took them and swallowed them i never named my pills and logs will show that. The cargo thing was a mistake, i was checking out the new material marketand i didnt end up spending anything. Also I took bath salts and attacked you because you began attacking me.

Nope, i didnt take them willingly. You forcefeed me a pill while i was talking.

I didnt forcefeed anything, i hit ctrl shift and clicked you, that offers you an item. If you didnt take it willingly (you did) casper the fucking ghost fed it to you.

Waste of time you literally always do this shit and ALL of the previous bans are for the same reason we tell you not to self antag you get banned you come back you do it again denied.