Mach's acidental comunist republic

Now before i start going to say i got a 3 day ban form this. This also happend i would guess around 2 years ago, so take story with grain of salt.

The round started as normal, as all things do, but the cap had a lovely idea, a vote on a new captain, witch will never work, and many people (3) ran for the new captain, incuding one guy i dont rember the name of, a pupet of mine, and some guy that got 1 vote, from himself.
Durring this election the captain was talking about how they were going to arm the crew, and i asked if they wished for me to order cargo to arm the crew, i got a dismissive “yeah” and a more happy affermative form the AI, so i ended up ordering a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, of laser guns.
The man whose name i dont rember who i will hence forth call “dictator”, won, now at the time i wouldn’t belive he won, but what would i know i was just the HOP, so i set up a small protest with 2 cargo techs, and a chaplin, but at the time the new dictator called on the head of sec to arrest the chaplin as a “communist terrist” if i memory serives.
at the time, we were not happy about this, and attemtped to reist becuase the new captain dictator was talking of some very agressive measures to preserve democracy, by silancing the oposition. so at 3 armed people, seeing a frend being dragged off to sec, not knowin if they are actualy going to be exicuted, i responded wiht a rifle assuming they were.
This would later turn out to be a horrible idea, as the chaplin returned later on after i had suffered brain damage by playing with improvised gripper gloves, and funny thing, durring the time of brain damage apparently cargonia was declared, and was a comunist republic, headed by the loyal and fearless HOP, how was in a perfect state to run a nation at war. (i didnt know the comunist part at the time, russian surplus kit was used (its cool man) but i only heard about cargonia in passing and at the time ignored it)
and getting some treatment for brain truama i found out that the HOS, the lovely and proper Iron monger had become the new captain, and not only that, she killed the last one, so not missing a beat, me and the cargo boys headed to the bridge, now most of the story here is fuzzy, i only rember the ending, where, coverrd in blood, laserations deep, missing clothing, missing packs, only having on a jumpsuit and a axe in hand, i charged towards Ironmonger, and with swings, cut her neck like a log with a fire axe witch i havent a clue how i got, then with mearly a minuet to spare, coverd in blood, bleeding, wonnded to high hell, and pritty sure i had just become a actual terrist of some discription, i took the captains spare Ironmonger had been so kind as to leave on the floor attached to a jumpsuit, shame about the blood. i limped to the escape shuttle, only bearly making it in to the hsuttle and then the bridge of the shuttle before it left, and had the chance to see the origninal captain, plus the dictator, i threw the spare at the origninal, and stated “you weren’t a bad captain ya know”

sorry about the poor spelling and the floaty nature of this story, its a foggy memory of one of the most fun rounds i ever did have, i still don’t know when cargonia was delcared, but it was atleast a hour in

In all of that, why did you get banned?

Probs self antagging?

the whole ban said;
As hop you decided to form a cargo militia for virtually no reason and later declared cargonia. You then bought 3 surplus crates and ordered cargo to buy multiple laser crates to arm the entire crew when there was no reason to do so You also attacked the HoS with 2 other players and attempted to kill the current captain, on top of all of this you had the captains spare id for seemingly no reason. if you want to explain yourself make a ban appeal