Made myself a sec hat to wear backwards while I game on the couch


Winters! Very nice. Also are you on the fulp discord? We’ve complimented you a few times on there for being so much fun ingame :slight_smile:

(to anyone reading this, the discord is much more active than the forums, go join)

thanks! Ive had some pretty great rounds with people lately. Is booster-Babble channel the main place to talk on the discord?

Nope! The general chat is #public-chat (and #compliments is a good place for… compliments). If you aren’t verified maybe you can’t see them yet. Here’s some stuff I posted earlier.

wow thats unironically a good hat and it being on top of boba fett makes it even better lmao

ey i love seeing you in the game and it is so entertaining to watch your characters, my favourite is colonel winters

-mehmed miller

Yeah! You have to drop your ckey in the #requests-for-verification channel, but there’s like a billion other channels.

Also, the hat looks fantastic! How’d you make it?

figured it out haha, ive been missing out!

I cut out some iron on vinyl with my vinyl cutter and heat pressed it on. pretty cheap and easy even without a vinyl cutter.

I appreciate you.

Creativity at its finest.