Malinois.Rage's Ban Appeal


Howdy, I started of playing on fulp when I first downloaded ss13 and happened to be my favorite server, although relatively new on the game, I messed around and got myself banned one day while I was bored, it’s been a few months since that ban, and I honestly miss the server. I’d love a second chance to play again if it’s at all possible, I have no interest in grieving anymore as I played more servers and just found that it’s just long term inevitable that I get banned, I miss the RP elements and fun atmosphere that fulp had as it also runs the best on my rig. welp, a second chance would be nice but I understand if thats not plausible given my history on the server. thanks anyways

It has been a while, so I’m willing to accept this appeal. Make sure to review the rules before logging back in and let me or another admin know if you are still unable to log in.