Mass murderboning

Byond account - Twox
Character name - Twox Twixington
Round ID - 9544
Griefers - Too many to list

Throughout this round, up to its end - I saw dozens of people happily killing every single monkey they saw, to the point where instead of just killing sentient ones, they killed every single monkey they could find, I would of been surprised if any were left. This all peaked at where they were all being brought into the Chapel to be sacrificed “to the space dragon”
Even the captain himself promoted and joined in with this.

I posted a document containing a basic rundown in criticisms earlier which should cover my experience with it.

After all of this, I am just dissapointed, we are a beginner server, this should not be happening.

I did ahelp this, but after I posted to criticisms I was told to make a grief patrol about this.

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I’ll look into this one

Sorry that it took so long for this patrol to be followed up on; I went through the logs and took care of it. Thanks for the report!