Max Mason makes funny banana water

Byond Account: JustABloke
Character Name(s): Nancy Ishi
Discord Name: mGuv
Round ID: 15784
Griefer Byond account: didn't catch it
Griefer Byond name: Max Mason
What happened: 

Max Mason the Botanist found their way in to Pharmacy several times - to instant run to a chem dispenser and dunk in as much water/potassium as they could. Even if a chemist was mid reaction. They must have done this at least three times that I saw, other times they got kicked out and called us shitters/useless (can’t remember which) if I remember right.

Didn’t ahelp it in-round, assumed they were traitor but nope, they weren’t.

Note: I think it was potassium + water, judging by how quick they were doing it and the lack of fire/huge explosion.

i can confirm one instance that near round start they somehow got into pharmcay, and then mixed 50u of water and 50u of phosphorus, after which deleted all of it (i assume they somehow managed to fail at mixing water and potassium) after which i asked them why they are here, and after 10 seconds of silence telebatoned them out.
i was Vela SF, the CMO


Dealt with.

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