Mazur907's Note Appeal

Byond Account:Mazur907
Character Name(s):Abdul Al Qanim
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Mazur907#2127
Round ID of Ban:25464

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):As a roundstart detective on round 25464, injected themselves with a holoparasite against cap’s orders, and told the holoparasite to break into brig to mess with security.
State your appeal: We got attack from pirates and i decide to use holo injector for healing me and other officers and got support type parasite,after we defeat pirates i quitted job, after like 1 hours i really bored and told parasite to break in brig for joke i was going to stop him anyway, because they do really low damage and its impossible to break arounds for him,after he attacked one time to brig’s window (didnt even cracked) i stopped him with moving away then admin smite gibbed both of us, round removed and gived note for griefing,i personnally think that is too much for just one hit to window if you was going to give me note why did you round removed both of us? we wasnt even near or breaking brig when got gibbed,its too much to round remove both of us and give note even though the captain realized we were joking and let us go.

This is
A- not the place to appeal notes
B- a pretty accurate note, and you’re lucky you didn’t just get banned for this.