Medical 102: Advanced Medicine

So this is going to be a list of tips, tricks, and advanced techniques for medical players that you may or may not know idk lol

Tip 1. Aggressive grab + Combat mode + click surgery table
Instantly put someone on the table instead of waiting for a progress bar. Simple, but saves time!

Tip 2. Ditch the medical belt.
You know what holds a lot more? Your roundstart medical kit. It can hold every tool you need + maybe one or two extra spaces for whatever (I usually keep an epi in there). Put your o2 tank in your pocket and put your mask on to clear some space so you can move the sutures and mesh that you never use to your airbox.

Tip 3. Chemistry bags
You have a free belt slot, you know what you should put there? A chemistry bag. Cut up four of your roundstart gauze with your scalpel and craft yourself one for your belt slot. This baby holds 50 different chems, whether it be pills patches syringes beakers test tubes whatever. I usually carry a little of all the basics on me so I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to run to the chem fridge or to medbay storage to grab something.

Tip 4. Cryo for people who don’t breathe
Cryo only works if the person in cryo is asleep. This is why you have anesthetic mix. This means cryo will not work if their internals are on (plasmamen), or if they have self resp virus or are unable to fall asleep for whatever reason. There are simple workarounds, if they have a self resp virus or are a plasmaman, just add some morphine to the mix. Buy some from the chem vendor and add it to the beaker. If it’s in their system for 20 ticks or so they fall asleep. You can change this to super melatonin instead for extra healing if you feel like making it.

Tip 5. Cryo for wounds.
Cryo heals ALL wounds. Fractures, Catastrophic burns whatever. This means you can slap anyone in there with wounds you don’t feel like dealing with and forget about it. Assistant fought barbots and comes in with 8 fractures? Cryo. Husked miner comes in with 6 burn wounds on every part of their body? Dehusk, revive, and then cryo. Work smarter not harder.

Tip 6. Convermol is criminally underrated. Stop wasting time doing CPR.
Convermol is simple to make pure, and comes in roundstart o2 kits. There’s no reason to not use it. It heals suffocation damage faster than any other medicine by far because the healing increases every second it’s in the body. It’s ideal for healing massive amounts of suffocation damage, and is able to pull someone out of crit in like 2-5 seconds. They will take toxin damage based on how much suffocation damage healed, but it’s miniscule (5-20 damage) and will heal faster if made pure. Just slap a seiver patch on them, you should have seiver on hand anyways. Because convermol is so good and easy to make, you should be taking self resp EVERY time viro makes a self resp virus. I see many good MDs avoid self resp because of CPR, but CPR is slow and sucks stop doing it.

Tip 7. Tend wounds and corpses
Tend wounds surgery gets a significant healing debuff if the person you are operating on is dead. This means it is much more efficient for you to revive them ASAP and finish wound tending while they are alive or use medicine to heal remaining damage.

Tip 8. Buy Epipens
Epipens are awesome. They can keep someone in crit from dying, clot your blood so you stop bleeding out, and can work as formaldehyde and preserve corpses from decaying (as well as keep them stable after you revive them). You can buy them from the medical vendor under premium items and you absolutely should be doing this. You are accumulating money by standing around medbay, and that is money you aren’t going to be spending anyways. Use it to buy epipens!

Tip 9. You can buy synthflesh.
You can buy it from the medicine vendor. It’s expensive, but if you need it in a pinch to dehusk go ahead and buy it. Some people don’t know this! If you need more money, take it from the ID of the person you are operating on. It’s their fault they got husked. Probably.

Feel free to add any more if you can think of any tips I missed here :slight_smile:


killer guide… or a I guess its more of a lifesaving guide, quite the opposite, haha

But that is what I’ve been doing!
Don’t you have… I don’t know, some sort of SECRET medical tips??

tip 6

spread that gospel baby

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If I need a blood transfusion and we’re outta blood bags, I like to grab a blood sample from the patient and put it in a big beaker of mutagen. Instant blood bag!

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One thing you forgot to mention about tip 1 is that you have to use a glass table instead if you’re dealing with the clown

what about bioscrambled people, how do you treat em?

Remove the scrambled organs and give them regular ones, if it’s something actually harmful

Doens’t work with all of the organs, some like the eyes that supposedly can move between chest and head, can’t be replaced surgically at all no matter where you try to look for them from what I seen several times both on myself and others. And these eyes I used as an example also rarely ever work as they should and render the victim of the anomaly blind for however long it takes for the eyes to decide that yes they can now move from their chest to their head and let them see anything.

2 people had their heads replaced with psyker heads - and i wasnt able to restore their sight. good to know.

science cant do anything? cause i once had to replace an entire head for someone