Mehmed miller ban appeal #2 the sequel

Byond Account: exymian
Character Name(s): mehmed miller
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): exymian#9483
Round ID of Ban:17346

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:
Its been a long time so i want to clarify myself on the first appeal which is here Mehmed miller perma ban appeal - #3 by Horatio22. On my initial ban appeal i accused montague of abusing punishments because i thought she was the one doing it to me as the timing was perfect, turns out it wasn’t so im sorry for that. My behavior on random bagchecks wasn’t being pity but i was jsut trying to “gather evidence” to justify why i wanted that removed. I also “didn’t come back to just cause issues”, i was playing then. Security is expected to enforce space law “within reason” yes but random bagchecks go the opposite of that, it was the thing i was trying to get removed which she defended for no reason then banned me for it. That grudge i mentioned wasn’t in game, it was mostly on discord and the way she replied to my messages which were never directed at her. She also brought up my mentor demotion which i think was irrelevant and that kind of behavior is why i sensed the grudge. Overall i think she handled this as poorly as she could which played a big part in all of this.

I am appealing because i care for the server and i shouldn’t have targeted a new player for any reason. I miss my friends who play there and i miss the new players.


I’m not sure what you expect for this appeal
The starts strong

But you go back to you were doing this to get bag checking removed. If you wanted to seriously talk about why you think this would be good for the community we have the policy discussion channel in the discord but when i look in that chat you arnt in there at all talking at all talking about this bag check idea you have.

The appeal from here on out really lost any validity to me, the ending sentance of your last appeal is

This grudge has been going on for 2 years now, i was suspicious of it first but this confirmed it.

All this tells me if we accept this appeal you’ll say anyone who tells you to stop doing anything will suddnely have a grudge on you. This isnt even a new thing which is why the mentor demotion was brought up we have talked to you about it before, also the fact you have 21 notes/bans in a year and half (only two of which are joyces) The over aggersion and toxicity never ends. Even in this appeal its been almost a year so this was almost a gurantee unabn but you cant resist saying how you act is someone elses fault. Joyce didn’t make you join to do random bag searches to prove a point. Joyce didn’t make you target new players. You make you do that.

TLDR: The toxic and paranoid behavior is still ever present in this latest appeal and shows me this is just welcoming drama back onto the server denied.