Mentor Application: Burtyu

  • Byond Account: Burtyu.
  • Character Name(s): Strontium-XXIV, derivatives as John-F-Strontium, Eats-The-Strontium-XXIV.
  • Discord Name: W.O #6161.
  • Timezone: EST.
  • Active hours: 10am - 10pm.
  • Role you are applying for: Mentorship
  • How long have you played on Fulpstation? 176-ish hours.
  • What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
    Medical: Medical was my first job on the TG Code, Chemistry is by far the most fun any new player can have while learning a job, making a large explosion from a factory bomb, or making a heal-it-all pill! I have around 21-ish hours as Medical on Fulp and 12 on TG, I think I would be able to assist new players wanting to learn medical pretty well, due to my experience with the job.
    Engineering: Praise the Plasmaflood. Atmospherics… is pretty difficult, to say the least, and it’s pretty difficult for me to explain to a new player on how the Atmos Loop works, just stare at it till it makes sense. For the Engineering part, I have over 30-ish hours, I can competently explain to a new player how to make an SM, how to fix TComms, how to build an APC or build a wall, how to build machinery, and all the likes. Directing the newcomer to experienced Engineers is a must-have when mentoring a newbie.
    Science: 20-ish hours, directing the newbie to something other than toxins is… smart. I’ve been able to pull off 35k Maxcaps, which is my best. I’m always thriving to make a larger boom, which I’m preparing to do a 50k max cap for all those spicy points. I don’t know Nanites, which I’m willing to learn.
    Security: Spessman law… yea, I know it by the books. HOS was one of my favorite jobs, only seconded by Captain and RD. Warden is a whole different topic, in which, I think should be time-locked for 10 hours, due to you handling literal fucking firearms and contraband, it’s really easy to go wrong. Security Officer, just read Space-Law and apply common sense. Security is that simple.
    Command and Service: Booking these two together, extensive time as Command, around 40-ish hours. I don’t know how to tell a head how to do their job, it’s mostly just pointers I’ve learned while playing them. Service: explaining where and what to do as their job, as most Service players are new or just god tier veterans growing shit.
  • What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp? I’ve noticed that the community is more or less the friendliest on SS13. From Fermi to Booker, even to BUSTER and NERI, there’s always fun to have with those folks. There’s been a fair share of the drama from the subr*ddit and greytiders, but the admins are there to defend themselves and give valid points, usually proving the “fulpmin bad for bann me for NSFW afer nsfw watchlist”, and really, a caring community that houses experienced players, funny players, and new players all under the fulp roof.
  • In what ways do you think the server can Improve? Distancing from the TG codebase could make us unique and our own thing, TG can be used as a propellant and a base for us to form something unique and special. Fleshed out Wiki for sure, people are iffy on space law and the sorts. Atmosian Guide on how to do cool shit so we can forcefully indoctrinate students into the Atmosian Wizard School. That’s all I can think of really, thanks for taking the time to read this!



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Application denied.