Mentor Application [Cook]

Byond Account: Cook77
Character Name(s): Sleeps-With-Fishes, Zed Oppenheimer, Radium LX
Discord Name: Cook#7697
Age: 26
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: Varies, most evenings gmt time

How long have you played on Fulpstation? Living 1677h Since about april last year or so with the sseth-tide

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments? I know a whole lot about almost everything having way too many hours, the only roles i havent played much are a few command roles and AI.

In service I know how to make food and drinks people will actually want to eat and drink, I know where every chemical and ingredient comes from so I try to make the more rare types. Im also a very good botanist so i know how underrated it can be.

In medical I know how to diagnose and fix any problem people can come in with. I still need the wiki open to do chemistry but who doesn’t lets be honest and I can fix up some complex chemicals pretty quickly. I can make a very robust disease and have a whole spreadsheet with theorycrafted diseases.

In science I know how to generate research points and spend them properly. I have done my fair share of robotics and know how to handle cyborgs. I can do a very quick toxins bomb and wouldn’t mind helping more people with that because you don’t see enough research bombs. Xenobiology is something i also love to do and make rainbow slimes staple for that round.

Service is where i have spent most of my time mainly in shaft mining. I know absolutely everything there is to know about shaft mining and would love to help others get into it to see how fun (or awful) it can be sometimes. Cargo is pretty simple and fun sometimes when you feel like being laid back, for sure one of the best starter jobs.

Engineering I have most recently come to love mainly atmospherics, I can make all gasses and have recently started doing fusion, I can also setup a very robust cooling system and fix air in a room to where it’s breathable again. I can setup complex SM builds, make machines and like to see engineering as more of one job rather than atmos and engi.

Security i have less experience in, i still know about space law and what people should and shouldn’t be doing. I know about how important it is for there to be an actual process with antags and not just me shoot bad man.

Command i have the least hours in, i know what the heads basic duties are and how to control a department. I know that the hop should actually be in the hop office and that the captain should secure the disk.

AI I have a number of cyborg hours and know how important it is to follow laws properly and not act like a crew member that can do as they like. I understand the very basics of AI like how to open doors when requested.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp? I have noticed a lot of people don’t try to get the most out of their jobs, because almost every job is designed to be fun at a high level. I think as you play more you also start to see how the game can be fun as a whole and how not to ruin an antags fun by validhunting when its not your jobs to which i think is still a big issue. I also had a forced break from the server recently and for the first time played on other servers and i can say for sure that it was an awful experience filled with people who just dont give a care at all. Fulp is definitely something special which is probably why the playercount has increased so much over the last year than it used to be. I would hope that with all my game knowledge i could at least try to help people learn how to have fun and goals in a job without needing to be an antag.

this guy plays minecraft music on the banjo outside medical please let him be mentor
ok though jokes aside I see him playing all the time and he’s a pretty chill dude

Staff wants to take time to see you in game and watch you since most people didn’t know who you are except the really old staff that remember you from a year ago. This will be re reviewed next month.

I can attest to Sleeps as a miner. Real stand-up miner, always helps, makes sure to share the drake armor around when feasible, and generally a kind player. Always has the quirk of eating random human organs in front of people to point out how alien the lizardmen can be to humans. When Sleeps is a miner, I know the megafauna are in danger, and I can do my job in reasonable safety.

ETA: Oh, and he fucking knows to RUN AWAY from mining base if he’s losing a fight.

was accepted