Mentor application - Nutronboi

Byond account: hybyrd1111
Character names: John dewit (sometimes ill make myself a moth but the moths name is never the same
Discord name: The space eye#1769
Timezone: us cen
Active hours: normally the afternoon from 3:30 but i play most of the day on weekends or during the summer
Are you interested in becoming a mod? Yes

how long have you played fulp station? I dont remember when I started it was a year or 2 ago though.

what departments can you mentor for? I can mentor for part of the science department that being robotics and xeno biology, ive mostly worked in thoes 2 jobs in that department in the hours ive played in that department but im decent at genetics. I can also mentor for all of security, Ive recentally put most of my time in that department and ive done alot of scenarios in it with my favorite job being HOS.

what are some things youve noticed as a player on fulp station? I have noticed that it has the most updated gui than other stations and you run into players that you met and interacted with in a diffrent round aswell as it has a less strict role play system.

We have a minimum age requirement for pseudostaff

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Yes, the minimum age requirement is 17. Please apply then if you are still interested.