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Q. How to charge batong?
A. Yes

Q. How much is a chem tick/cycle?
A. a cycle or chem tick is two seconds. It can be faster or slower based on race, hunger, or metabolism affecting reagents/viruses. But by default it’s 2, assuming there isn’t too much time dialation.

Q. Did they made the beefman less prone to bleeding?
A. They no longer bleed at room temperature but increases in temperature, even if slightly, will make beefman bleed.

Q. Is it true that as AI, I can pump certain gases to Individual rooms? Like N2O flood the prison without flooding the rest of the station?
A. There’s no way to selectively flood, sadly.

Q. how many units does a pyro grenade take?
A. The same amount as a normal chemical grenade.

Q. Chemical a don’t work on dead people right?
A. the majority of medicine does not work on dead people with the exception of formal which is used to prevent organ damage and synthflesh which unhusks, heals burn and brute but deals toxin damage

teeeeechnically that isn’t necessarily true
if you set the air alarm of that room to refill it’ll flood that room and most other rooms won’t be affected
if they are you can just turn the air alarms in affected areas which you don’t want to be affected to contaminated and turn off the vents

But the AI can always retake control of the air alarms. To prevent this I suggest cutting cameras the moment you suspect a malf AI.

The AI can just buy the x-ray upgrade, and they have a malf power that opens all cut cams

This is true, but it’s not to say cutting cams = useless. They have to waste malf points towards repairing cams, and constantly having an assistant cutting them would indeed be a hassle.

Plus you can also destroy the cameras completely rather than just cutting them.

Your still end up filling the other rooms with the same concentration of n2o