Mentor RE-Application: Yung_Foot_Lettuce

This is my reapplication for mentor. It remains largely the same since I feel it is still fairly representative. I’ve changed a few things here and there to reflect my current experience now.

Byond Account: Yung_Foot_Lettuce
Character Name(s): Cesar Fea (Cesar Fear for Halloween)
Discord Name: Yung Foot Lettuce#2600
Age: 18
Timezone: EST
Active hours: Usually evening and night around 6:30pm - 4:00am.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
I joined, 12/24/2019 on my current account, though I first played several months before on an account now lost to me. As of writing this application, I have about 281 hours on record.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Engineering - I can set up an N2 SM and can make more advanced setups on my own. I can build a tesla, and singulo (if we still had them). I can set up turbine, and solars and I can repair telecomms. I can make repairs perform any kind of construction. Recently, I have been playing a very large amount of atmos and it has become my favorite job. I know how to set up turbine, farm various gasses, and perform fusion. As atmos I often find myself in the position of teaching new players the ropes and quite enjoy doing so.
Supply - I have played a fair bit of cargo. I know a fair few moneymakers to keep a look out for, and always enjoy negotiating for bounties and bartering for hard to get items.
Silicon - As both borg I feel I have become thoroughly proficient with all modules. As AI I have become proficient and quick with the interface. I always attempt to adhere to my laws as closely as possible in a manner which is not toxic or in opposition to the crew unless the laws are clearly meant to be. I do not treat my laws as an obstacle to murderboning, which I feel is one of the keys of a good silicon player.
Service - I am confident in my ability to perform all jobs under the service department. I enjoy bartender from time to time if I want an easy job to RP with and know many drinks by heart. I also enjoy cook for similar reasons and feel confident in my cooking abilities. As a botanist I feel I am competent but admit I don’t enjoy the job much. As a janitor if I catch you bleeding on my floors there will be hell to pay. Finally, I have recently been playing a lot of mime and honing my mimery.
Medical - I learned medical fairly early in my time as a spessman. I feel very confident as a medical doctor and a paramedic and feel I have more or less mastered them both. I have all common surgeries burned into my cortex and am entirely confident given time I can heal or revive anyone brought before me. As for chem, I have a lot of the basic chemicals committed to memory and can easily make all others from the wiki. The one part of chem I have yet to fully explore is the plumbing and chemloop. Finally, though I do not play very much viro I feel I am confident in its mechanics and can perform the job well.
Science - I feel confident in my ability to perform all roles necessary in the science department. I know xenobio and could teach for it. I can do toxins as well and know how to maxcap. Though, I would say my expertise lies in geneticist and roboticist as I enjoy them more and consequentially have played them much more. As roboticist I can do all things that may need doing. Including mechs, surgery, machines, bots, and borgs.
Security - I have played a quite a bit of security. I know space law back and forth. I have played an extreme amount of detective and love the playstyle, and would be extremely confident in teaching it. As a policy I always apply space law with leniency to those who show no real threat or malice in nature as no one wants to spend 5 minutes afking in a cell, and will always teach this policy to others. I have played my fair share of HoS, and enjoy it mostly. I do my very best to keep my officers in line and do not tolerate shitsec in my department.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
I’ve always really enjoyed engaging with the community. Compared to my limited stay on other servers I have always preferred the Fulp community to any other I have encountered. Fulp has always had a more friendly air about it than some other servers. There is no real toxicity tolerated here and I like that. Additionally I really enjoy how people treat new players here. They aren’t laughed at or ignored. When someone is new people always are willing to show them the ropes. I’d like to be one of those people. From just chatting with regulars, to getting calculus answers from the mentors I have loved every minute I’ve spent with this community. I hope to give back to it by mentoring for new players!

Your app has been accepted. Welcome aboard!

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