Mentorship Application

  • Byond Account:Chronx100

  • Character Name(s):Hughe Splash

  • Discord Name:Chronx100

  • Age:20

  • Timezone:Central Time Zone

  • Active hours:215 hours

  • Role you are applying for:Mentorship

  • How long have you played on Fulpstation? Litlle over 200 hours.

  • What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp? We see alot of new people coming on, expecially recently since youtubers and streamers have been playing. I see there is need for people who can give others insight and help them out. The new players need to be taught quick so that they arent making mistakes that can get them banned.

  • In what ways do you think the server can Improve? The server definately needs a few more admins as at a couple hours of the day we are adminless and people tend to just greytide and go crazy. Ive been victim to this alot of times, I assume due to the influx of new players. But this all can be fixed with a stronger, bigger admin team.
    Ive been playing space station for over 7 years now and I have no desire to ever stop playing. Before I started fulp I have over 1000 hours on paradise station and now that Im having fun on this server im hoping to hang around here for a while. I can do byond coding as well and can design custom icons.

Since no one uses the forums at the moment, it would be better for you to post this in the #mentor-applications channel on the discord

this man sounds like a chad and has spoken facts hope you get mentor chronx.