Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ve only been here for the past 2 or so weeks but I’d like to wish every one of you a merry Christmas / happy holidays and an amazing new year!

I’d like to thank most of you guys for being so newbie-friendly and approachable, even as an AI I was never afraid to ask for help. BTW shout out to whoever was that incredibly helpful engiborg when I was AI for the first time and shout out to everyone on the discord!

Those Christmas buses were also pretty fun hehe BRAZIL OPS GO BRRRRR(AZIL)

I just wanted to post something different from the normally negative tone of this forum tbh lmao

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Merry Christmas/happy holidays to you too! Hopefully you have many more fun rounds and enjoy your time here at fulp. :D

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merry crisslemas



I haven’t been checking the forums enough. Merry late Christmas haha

And a happy new year!

I feel like you do (except about those those darn Christmas busses, I was there too haha.) I’ll see you on the station fellow newbie!

Oh and happy new year as well!

Merry Christmas, sorry for the late response ):

almost christmas time again so better late then never