Meta game and grief

Byond Account: Killazombie
Character Name(s): Leo Jones
Discord Name: killazombie245#1943
Round ID: 14741
Griefer Byond account: John willard
Griefer Byond name: John willard
What happened: i blew up the lavaland syndie base and mhelped on how to fix a blood red hard suit and john answered it saying you mostlikely couldnt. So I left it down there and went back up to the station. I went to hop to get maint access legally then went into maintence and ran by quinn enderly and john willard the second that john willard saw me he stun batoned me for no reason at all then cuffed me THEN said bag check not evne bothering to ask then took all the stuff i had in it that was from lavaland. I went and told hos and he said it was fine that i had items. Then later i helped the hos out to fight a wizard and got thor’s hammer and was on the evac shuttle. Keep in mind both CAP AND HOS knew i had the hammer so i was allowed to have it. then enter quinn enderly and john willard. They spot me with the hammer and instantly start stunning me out of no where so I start to defend my self and instead of stunning me and cuffing me? They proceed to full on kill me.

The point about mentorhelp doesn’t really change anything, unless you’re insinuating he was metagaming.

From what John told me and what I saw in that round, the first time you were arrested was because you had a sniper rifle on you, which was omitted from this grief patrol.

The second time, apparently an officer was assaulted first, which caused them to try to arrest you. As you had a holoparasite, which was also omitted, you could not be detained safely and then killed.

This seems to be very hyperbolic and leaves out many details, which makes this grief patrol seem very disingenuous. These omissions seem to paint a worse picture than if they were included, practically freeing the officers of guilt. Of course, those two know this better but it would be very nice to hear why this was not included.



I bagchecked you because you were a miner with gamer loot, in maintenance, somewhere miners shouldn’t be. I genuinely don’t care who you are, miners with gaming loot shouldn’t be on station.

You had contraband on you, so I confiscated it, Brig was hit by meteors so I put it in my departments’ security locker and alerted the HoS about it.

Quinn and I went to shuttle and saw a literal holoparasite injector in your hand (which you seem to have used, despite being a non antag), as well as the Mjol. We didn’t do anything about it expecting it to be for EORG, until you hit me wit said Mjol, so I began arresting you. Your holoparasite came out to start killing me, so I took that as ‘Unable to be arrested’ and began killing you.

I noticed you’re also bringing up the Mentorhelp you submitted during the round. I usually don’t talk about things people mentorhelp, but I suppose its fine for this case. You asked how to repair a bloodred hardsuit, and I answered. I don’t recall you saying anything about the lavaland syndicate base, nor do I care. We arrested you for your loot, not for your Mentorhelps. We’ve (security) been told several threats from Cult to Changelings being on the station, and none of these excuse a Shaft miner to be in maint with their gamer loot. We thought you jaunted or something first, so opened the maint door, but you stayed in maint, which is why we bagchecked you, and me batoning/cuffing first isnt a problem, thats IC and its how I bagcheck people when playing security officer.

Also you seem to think we need permission from the HoS before confiscating contraband, which is our job to do?

Oh, and I forgot to mention. This was dealt with in round. I was bwoinked, responded, and ticket was closed. You’re grief patrolling something already dealt with, which is adminshopping.

So basically… sec stopped you because you were powergaming antag gear and you want us punish sec for it? No. That equipment should have been turned into the contraband locker in the armoury, not left for you to play with as a non-antag. Their actions were justified.

I will, however, be investigating the HoS, since they shouldn’t have allowed you to keep that gear in the first place.