Metacoomed as malf ai - ghost led sec to my location

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Allied Mastercomputer
Discord Name: danxd#7996
Round ID: 26220
Date: 1/6/23
Griefer IC name: Unknown
Griefer Byond account (if known): xx

What happened: I was an AI made by an antag to be malf, and doomsday the station. I got all the APCs required and started it, but then i was dead a couple minutes later. A security guard had managed to find exactly where I was hidden and get rid of me. I notice a ghost at my exact location (no idea what the ghosts name was) and turns out the ghost had communicated using discord to lead the sec to where I was.

so you were a 2nd ai? everyone though I was malf

yes, i was built by antag to doomsday

Hello, I was John Willard the Brig Physician.
I was a Changeling with eye adaptation, giving me x-ray abilities. I told you this in OOC after the round.

I saw the Malf AI in maints while I was trying to get back in the station when I spaced myself in Permabrig.
The alert level later changed to Delta, with an alert that the AI is going nuclear. Remembering where the AI was, I grabbed an Officer (since I didn’t have maints) and led them to the AI to kill them.

I had the objective to make it out alive, so being nuked goes against my goals, so I helped get the AI killed.

You all complained in OOC after the round about how I was a metacommer, which I don’t see how you would come to that conclusion when a more reasonable explanation of a Changeling using their powers makes more sense to me.

so an antag, who had similar goals to me, decided to fuck up another antag doing their goals… wild but okay??

you said you killed me because “you didnt want to die” even though, it doesnt really matter if you do or you dont, stopping another antag from doing what they have to do is a shit thing to do

uh huh, you didnt see me announcing to the whole station that you were an antag, did you? you couldve just let me do my own goals, if i do my own goals first its not for you to just start being a dick and ruining my shit

Locking the thread until I’ve taken a look at it.

This is taken care of, logs clearly show IC interaction led to what occurred. Thanks for reporting!