mGuv's Mentor Application

Byond Account: JustABloke
Character Name(s): Nancy Ishi
Discord Name: mGuv
Age: 31
Timezone: GMT/BST
Active hours: 18:00pm-23:00pm GMT Weekdays, 09:00-00:00 Weekends. Time varies based of work, other games, real life stuff.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: I don’t know much about SS13 moderation or servers but yes, one day. I have experience moderating in the past and am well past the age of being stupid and/or letting things get personal.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
I am new to SS13 and Fulp is my only server, so I only really know Fulp. I have the following hours:

Note that I’ve learnt super fast, as I’m sure some people can attest to from seeing my in-game and the mentor-help channel.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I’ll break this down by role/department, if something isn’t listed, assume I know little about it that’s worth mentioning.

  • Medical
    • Medical Doctor: was my most played before, I can pretty much cure/treat anything. Rads, organ damage, poisoned, damage, crit, dead, transplants, etc. I can also upgrade medbay with more bots, beds, computers, walls, etc. I understand the use of lots of meds and when to use them from my chemistry knowledge. Also the importance of keeping the area free of blood, where to get spray bottles and how to make more cleaner
    • Chemist: Well, this became my most played role by far after medical. I can tell you the ins and outs of chemistry and plumbing. I can make pretty much anything 100% pure, by hand or by plumbing. I can do it quickly too. I made a website to help with Chemistry: mGuv's Chemistry Viewer. This is my goto role that I am most comfortable in, and often have a belt bag full of labelled useful chems.
      I know very little about explosives however as they don’t interest me. Note: I do have one neutral note on my account and it is chemistry/explosive related. I made a chem bomb for self defense and when I used it, I lag spiked and took out the medbay entrance via suicide as I couldn’t throw it in time.
    • Virology: I know very little about this other than how to make vaccines from treated blood, which tends to be very useful in medical.
    • Paramedic: The basics of this role aren’t hard but I understand the importance of formaldehyde/any other quick on-site treatment, as well as using roller beds and the personal scanner and proximity scanner.
    • Chief Medical Officer: Given my knowledge, I have tried to play command in medbay. I struggle with lag spikes so I’m not the best at this as I am often an easy target for my baton/other gear. However, I do get the responsibilities of CMO and how to manage and provide for a good medbay. This includes prioritising key crew members, locking down doors for quarantine, opening doors for emergencies, using the tablet to research/chase RD, etc.
  • Engineering
    • Station Engineer: I know how to set up Solars and the SM solo (as well as increasing the SMs output past usual levels via more emitters, better cooling, direct pipes, etc.). I know how to construct/build airlocks (with correct access), walls, floors, etc - all from hand or with the RCD. I know how to repair breaches and fix pipes (air, waste and disposals with the RPD). I can build most machines and computers (including objectives), as well as know how to upgrade the station’s machines with further parts. I know how to find and fix electrical issues both with wires and replacing/setting APCs. I also understand how to read/find station wires in order to hack/fix various things.
  • Service
    • Cook: My original most played that taught me the basics of machines/interactions. I can cook actual food/meals comfortably well, including how to rapidly make a ton of burgers. I know how to source ingredients via the bio-gen, how to CQC stun lock monkeys/unwantables, how to use the service bots, where to find and how to utilise tools, using the rag to keep things clean, etc.
    • Bartender: Basically chemist light. I know the machinery involved and how to use the shotgun/bandoiler, where to source glasses, the expected kinds of drinks the crew may ask for, how to use the service bots, etc.
  • Cargo
    • Cargo Tech: I know how to make Cargo money via selling things and stamping manifests in to a crate. I know how to use the order terminal to make new orders as well as reject/accept requests, how to send off/scan bounty cubes from the crew, how to package/tag parcels/crates so they can be sent via the delivery chutes (rather than carrying them), how to deliver via hand with gripper gloves.
  • Science
    • Xenobiology: I can tell you what most of the slimes do and how to mutate in to them, I can come up with orders to make things in based of available slimes in order to have a steady supply of monkey cubes and plasma. I know how to use the experiment scanner to ensure experiments are carried out to unlock tech.

At a high level, they are the areas I am comfortable in mentoring. The ones I feel I actually know the answer to most questions that would crop up. I know plenty of other stuff about other departments, but not enough to say I could mentor for them. I have plenty of roles there I haven’t really been part of or learnt but know that I actively seek to learn everything. I just like to focus a role at a time.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
In the earlier hours of my core hours, there often aren’t many mentors online and often no mods online.

I’ve also noticed there are lots of people who come to me in Chemistry who want to learn plumbing (after they see my setups), plumbing is something I don’t see enough of - mostly as Chemists have a bad rep of making bombs/meth constantly. I like to think I can change that bad reputation.

I have taught multiple people certain roles in-game already, as I’m happy to answer questions and explain things to the level required.

Further Notes
I’d like to add that multiple people have told me to make a mentor app and I know of various people who can vouch for me both in-game and from discord. I’m also an avid coder, though new to DM/SS13. I’ve raised/fixed a few issues with Chemistry/Plumbing directly to TG in my time here, as well as the previously linked chem helper app.


+1 I asked them to apply

No idea why he still isn’t a mentor, very often I feel like he knows more than me.

How the fuck do you only have 200 hours, I’ve seen you everywhere. Either way, they’re cool.

+1 knows a tonne of stuff with only 200 hours, also British


+1 awesome site shows that you really care about this game!

I was trying to figure out why I didn’t recognize your ckey and realized it’s because you literally have no notes. Also, going to give you the guide writer badge since you don’t have it yet +1

Your app has been accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!