Mikehunt2328 appeal

Byond Account: Mikehunt2328
Character Name(s): All of my character names are on random so it’s a little hard to give you one
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): OCEAN MAN 2 #9373
Round ID of Ban: 13995

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): round id 13995 core 2) admin interaction 5) as a clown traitor, bear trapped a random person outside of their objectives, when ahelped initially disconnected, reconnected again, and then disconnected when ajailed.
State your appeal: My wi-fi that day was barely working and when trying to respond it wouldn’t actually send the message because of the wi-fi problems. By the time I had reconnected the second time the wi-fi problems were ongoing and at that point I had enough and left for the day since I didn’t expect it to actually work anytime soon. As for why I did that, as a clown I wanted to create a situation where sec knew there was a traitor and would be scrambling around as to lead to more clownery on my part (maybe some armory theft) and at some point in that I’d manage to kill the mime that was in my objectives in a somewhat funny way (because clown). Now I remembered that in the rules from a while back it said that traitors didn’t necessarily have to stick solely to their objectives and so I kinda made my own objective of generating chaos in the station through whatever means necessary. Not sure if I should’ve told the admins about that but when looked at through that, it makes sense to throw a bear trap on some guys head and then let him loose.

I’m not sure which server’s antag policy you were following, but it hasn’t been that way here at least since we did a rule overhaul a year ago. You clearly didn’t even read our antag policy before making this appeal, so I’m going to deny this to give you more time to do so since this ban was applied correctly.